About the Filipina Wanderer

The Filipina WandererMy name is Cher. I am a happiness wanderer. A jack of all trades. For me, education is a plus and learning through life experiences is a challenge. Life is too short, we should be limiting our inhibitions. We just need to set our goals to seek our happiness.


event architect – for CTCHIQ Events (my event coordination company) we cater different events, from weddings, debuts, parties, corporate, media relations, marketing, team building and social media analysis. I have done numerous events from personal to fashion shows and concerts.

photographer – as a hobby, I believe photographs are ones view of life. Colors, textures, human figures, and facial expressions  attracts me most. I started learning the ropes at Magsaysay School for Photography at the age of 11.

makeup artist – when I was young, I envisioned myself as a painter, starting from sketching to old painting, when I grew older, my canvass for the arts expanded. Being a kikay within, I practice the human face as my canvass, starting young, people would get me to let them help them beautify in their special day. The craft blossom out when I practice with more colors and more experience, and then I knew it was love.

graphic designer – this began in coincidence, I never took classes to any Adobe but the curious me began exploring the world of digital manipulation. From there on I receive projects where people love my art manipulations.

talent and modelling agent – I have worked with a modelling agency for several years. It had enrich my taste for high fashion.

fashionista – I love fashion. My tumblr started as a fashion blog. And it started there. I love sketching outfits too.

social media strategist – Name a social media. I have it. I make it a point that my klout score is as high as it can be.

clinical scientist – I have a degree in BS Medical Technology. And yes, I can do phlebotomy and can read your laboratory exams accurately. Poops and Weees anyone?

filipino – Born and raised in the Philippines. I am proud to be pinoy! 🙂

scorpion – my birthday falls on November. I love being a scorpion.

female – well, i was born a girl 🙂

***Background for this site is a digital art edited by CT. Shot by Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque in Shiraz, Iran

event architect | social media strategist | photographer | makeup artist | graphic designer | talent and modelling agent | tsr | fashionista | clinical scientist | filipino | scorpion | female

5 thoughts on “About the Filipina Wanderer

  1. Hi, I found your blog because of MotherWorkChefWife’s Liebster Award nomination. I’m filipina too so it’s nice to follow your blog and find out what’s happening over there 🙂


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