About Filipina Wanderer

Welcome, dear wanderers, to FilipinaWanderer.com! This is a lively and vibrant space where digital marketing, lifestyle, travel, and content production all come together, straight from the heart of the Philippines. This site is a celebration of my passion, expertise, and profound love for the rich history and culture of our beautiful homeland.

Meet Cher

Mabuhay! I’m CT, but you can think of me as your friendly Filipina Wanderer. With many hats on my rack, I am a mother first and foremost, a seasoned traveler, an entrepreneur, a foodie, an artist, a tech enthusiast, and an intuitive counselor. But, most importantly, I am a digital marketer with a wealth of experience spanning over 15 years.

As the Managing Director of Thoughtful Philippines, a Multi-Channel Network for content creators, and Rising Tide Digital Inc – Head of the Digital Marketing Group, the agency I am currently heading, I help businesses navigate the digital world. Before these roles, I was the Performance Director at Digitally Good, where I honed my skills in digital marketing.

But life isn’t all work! I have a deep love for exploring new places and embracing different cultures. I’ve journeyed around the globe, lived in various countries, and now I’m back in our beautiful city of Manila. Through this platform, I share my travel experiences, tips, and guides to inspire fellow wanderers like you.

When I’m not busy working or traveling, you’ll find me staying in shape, spending quality time with my lovely daughter Ava, or simply enjoying a good meal.

Vision & Mission

My vision? To empower individuals and businesses with the knowledge and tools they need to thrive in the digital world, while also inspiring everyone to step out of their comfort zones and explore life to the fullest. Here at Filipina Wanderer, we believe in living the life you want, finding happiness in an imperfect world, and helping you grow into your highest potential.

What’s In Store For You

Filipina Wanderer is a one-stop destination for lifestyle and personal development, designed with Filipinos in mind. From life-coaching programs to a lifestyle blog dishing out insights related to the Filipina culture, I’m here to help you live your best life.

As a writer and public relations professional, I craft articles on a range of topics – from tackling mom-shaming and feminism to sharing handy beauty hacks. All these are penned down from the perspective of real women who understand the pressures of societal expectations. Here, we provide what you need without judgment or bias.

Achievements & Awards

I’ve been fortunate to have my work recognized by various entities over the years. Some of my notable achievements include heading a digital marketing agency, co-founding ESME Philippines, and branching out into comedy production with Ready Philippines.

Join the Journey

Whether you’re here to learn about digital marketing, get lifestyle tips, seek travel inspiration, or hone your content production skills, I’m thrilled to have you on board. Let’s navigate through this exhilarating journey of digital discovery and adventurous exploration together.

Got any queries, collaborations, or partnership ideas? Or just fancy a friendly chat? Feel free to [contact me] CONTACT. I can’t wait to connect with you!

Let’s build something together.