Miss Universe 2011 – live streaming video powered by Livestream

Miss Universe 2011 – live streaming video powered by Livestream. http://cdn.livestream.com/embed/MISSUNIVERSE?layout=4&height=340&width=560&autoplay=false Watch live streaming video from MISSUNIVERSE at livestream.com

Peaberry’s 2 for TWO!! [2nd year Anniversary]

Peaberry’s 2 for TWO!! [2nd year Anniversary].     Peaberry is pleased to announce that we are celebrating our 2nd Year Anniversary! To show our appreciation for your continued support, we will be raffling a Grand Prize Trip for 2 to Boracay, inclusive of: -Round Trip Airfare -Round Trip Transfer ‚Äď Airport ‚Äď Hotel –Continue reading “Peaberry’s 2 for TWO!! [2nd year Anniversary]”

Shamcey for Ms. Universe

I never really cared about the pageantry here in the Philippines. Although I may have worked with models and had experienced accompanying some talents during castings for pageantry’s, I didnt really care if they will win the crown or not. Seeing Shamcey for the first time, I was not struck. But since the marketing strategyContinue reading “Shamcey for Ms. Universe”


According to Wikipedia: Filipina The¬†Filipino people¬†are an ethnic group primarily located in the¬†Philippines. There are about 92 million Filipinos in the Philippines,¬†and about 11 million living outside the Philippines.¬†Most Filipinos refer to themselves colloquially as¬†“Pinoy”¬†(feminine:¬†“Pinay”), which is a¬†slang¬†word formed by taking the last four letters of¬†“Pilipino”¬†and adding the¬†diminutive¬†suffix¬†“-y”. The lack of the letter¬†“F”¬†in the pre-1987Continue reading “Wanderer”