Shamcey for Ms. Universe

I never really cared about the pageantry here in the Philippines. Although I may have worked with models and had experienced accompanying some talents during castings for pageantry’s, I didnt really care if they will win the crown or not.

Seeing Shamcey for the first time, I was not struck. But since the marketing strategy of this people behind it made me feel “hey this girl has the guts!!”. So I followed her on facebook, check the blogs and review her like how a judge will do. Unbelievably, I am amaze with her exemptional beauty and when I heard her talk, I realized this girl has the potential to win the title.

To Shamcey, bring home the bacon honey!! We believe in you. Your beauty and grace will help you. And your fellow Filipinos will pray to win this big opportunity. 🙂

Ms Philippines
Ms Universe 2011

just me thinking out loud


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