FTW – For the Win – Magazine

FTW – For the Win – Magazine

A few months ago, a friend gave a very good idea of making our own magazine, wherein we can conceptualize from a to z. The creative in me went on raging with inspirations from fashion, women, technology, thus, me gaving the name “FTW”. I may not be able to help through the real production of the magazine because I was not aware they were already making the plans and execution but luckily the people behind it gave the right push. Im still grateful that I have a bits and pits from the editorial board. Thank you for having my name on it.

FTW Card Front

Suprisingly, I was given the opportunity to design the FTW card. It originated as the Reebok Discount card, but it ended as the FTW card. From numerous designs, hours of conceptualizing and horrible blank moments of waiting whether the ups like it or not. Here comes the finish product. The FTW card is a discount card powered by Reebok (20% discount on all Reebok items), free trials from Curves Philippines and Planaforma.

FTW Card Back

I actually don’t have a copy of it, sadly. But the memories for this magazine made me realize a lot of things. First, believe in your creativity but never share it unless you can put it on a canvass and you can start owning it. Second, women are hormonal and sometimes we act based on our hormones. Lastly, as I always say, I believe in goodness, everybody has it. They may be delusional sometimes and make you feel worse but if you believe in karma, good things will happen to you as long as you’ve been good to them.

Just me saying – CT

**check out the original post at: http://thescorpion.tumblr.com/post/11060554965/ftw-for-the-win-magazine-a-few-months-ago-a

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