beats and more beats

Filipina Wanderer and beats. Recently, I have been flooding your pages with some eargasmic pleasures. I always believe that to empower the world today you should have a great content. And by great content, it should always be creative, fresh and 100% yours.

The wonder of beats. I have met new people from this new circle, from producers, djs, and productions. They are all nice and sweet. Giving me great feedbacks for every new compositions. They would instruct me to watch youtube videos so I can learn the basics, they added me on their groups which is so awesome since its very exclusive and I feel I do belong, and the greatest is, I feel like a princess since there are only few female sound producers.

Heres my social media for my beats and more beats.


OFFICIAL.FM (You can download my tracks here)


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CT is a Filipina Wanderer. Cognoscente Houri ♕ Event Architect | Digitally Good Rockstar | Unicorn Assistant🦄

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