Would you bang your friend?


When Mashable posted this on Facebook. I got curious. Who the hell made this app?? It is sooo damn funny. With enough curiousity I hurriedly click the link. http://on.mash.to/Xfx7MX

bang with friends

From the wonderful replies by fellow curious people. The first main problem is that your friends will know you are using the app 🙂 So say goodbye to discretion. They should fix this for anonymity. (Photo from Jonathan Moyal)




The curious me, joined the said application. And another problem arise, my male friends are in the website waiting for me to click “down for bang”. As I check the pictures one by one, it occur to me, would I really want to bang my friend?




There is a hidden yes and no reply in my brain as i check my friends pictures. I would often blush just as the idea arises. This app is definitely not for me especially coming from conservative nation. Yet as I continued to scroll down the pictures I ended up with 5 picks. (hey no judgment!) I click my ex, my super crush, my celebrity crush, my new found crush and the friend who I think I can bang.




The question goes as it ends. Would you bang your friend? 

Or would you even try to use this app?

**Just me thinking out loudly.**

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