Nina Garcia FW Ultimate Fashion Icon in Manila

Who is Nina Garcia?

Filipina Wanderer have been screaming in excitement since the EDSA billboard announcement that Nina Garcia is coming to Manila.  After many post in facebook and twitter, my close friends are all asking, who is Nina Garcia. In my dismay of horror, I am shocked that only few people knows her. Nina Garcia is Filipina Wanderer’s Ultimate Fashion Icon.

Nina Garcia 1

Nina Garcia is the well known judge in Project Runway. She was the Fashion Director for Elle and now for Marie Claire.  (The Fashion Director position is the most eyed job I can ever think of.) In the world of social media, Ms. Nina Garcia is the best person to follow if you would want to be updated in the fashion scene. I began falling in love with her as I began subscribing to her platforms and envisioning her vision as a good source of inspiration. I follow her : Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest,  Spotify, Foursquare, Instagram, yes, she is everywhere.

Boy Abunda Nina Garcia

The resemblance of Columbia and Manila according to Ms Nina Garcia is the faith in the Catholic Church and the weather. Interviewed by Mr. Boy Abunda during the Jag show he asked if she does pray.  She answered witfully, that we should communicate with the right words. I summarized the conversation here are some points.

Her tips/ advise to the Filipino enthusiast, elaborated in a Pinay way.

1. Go to school for technicality.
There are different school for the arts and Fashion Design. Here in the Philippines, we actually need a certification or diploma to make a correct path. Unless, you are prepared to be humiliated repeatedly just because you dont have the right papers. Do not get me wrong unless you use your parents, relatives or friends resume for backup then you dont need this advise. Manila is tougher, but the global arena is even harder.

2. Have a background in design and the arts. Fashion starts in understanding the basic concepts and ideals. Learning the Greek, Roman, Christian, Byzantine art helps. Basic knowledge of the fundamentals in art is the best way to start fashion. Learn to know about the coherence in style, measure and harmony. It is exciting to see a designer delivering his inspirations just like the new trend now, the use of Aztec and ethnic patterns.

3. Do internships. Do correct networking.                                                                                                                                                 Tell me who your friends are and I tell you who you are. If you are able to build the right connections to the fashion industry then you are at the right path.  Create your look book  make a dazzling business card and present it with a great big smile. A warm fun person always wins the game. Ms. Garcia mentioned you may need a great business partner. Invest in creating contacts. Having the right person with the same vision and ideals to fashion is a great way to deliver great style.

4. Find your field.
You may be fashion designer, a seamstress, a makeup artist, a photographer or a stylist. There are many branches of fashion. Know where your strength is. Cultivate it. Practice it everyday. The 10 years of practice theory and experience is always the best way to become great. Regardless if your talent is innate or cultivated, practice, practice.

5. Breathe the air of fashion.
Wear it. create it. Walk it. Never underestimate an ordinary day. You should exude your style in everything you do. If you can afford couture then go for it. But I always say, fashion is not about the price but how you deliver it.

6. Know your view. Know your own point of view. Know your woman.
You may be wanting to dress the stylish kolehiyala or the luxurious office chick. You have to be aware of “who” is your woman.  Who do you want to dress up, is it the fun barbie or the plain Jane. Once you build up your foundation, the elements of style comes after.

7. Be unique and authentic.
It is always great to know the trends in every fashion sense. Get the inspiration, be informed and be inspired. However copying the exact style or reinventing someones creation is a NO-NO. We should not be copycats. There had been number of designers who are copying. We should not follow that track. Try to check the Fashion Law you will be surprise.If you are the next big thing people will be inspired on your works. It will hurt you when you see your imaginative style is being copied.

Be prepared for the annual Jag Fashion Week Competition. Here is some perspective from our country’s designers exclusive for Jag Philippines from Jeffrey Rogador, Norman Noriega and Jerome Salaya Ang.

Jag Jeffrey Rogador

Jag Norman Noriega

jag jerome salaya ang

The energy is sexy in New York. We may want to buy the ticket to come there and start our name but we were warned that we need to take the path slow. Progress little by little. It takes time to be really succesful. When we head to the top so fast we might fall too fast too. Manila may be far from New York but we can start here by helping one another.

Jag Philippines 3

“Beauty is overrated”, as Ms Garcia mentioned. To become fashionable you have to know your style and execute it with confidence. Every Filipina at heart can be successful as Ms Nina Garcia. I have learned a lot. I am craving to learn more. To meet new people who can touch my life to a great progression of fashion and passion.

Jag Philippines 2

Special Thanks to Ms. Mae Ilagan of When In Manila for making it possible. To Fuentes Manila, for letting my dreams to come true. To Jag Philippines for being awesome. Thank you guys.

jag Philippines 4

Ms Nina Garcia

Jag Philippines

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