Design 1o1 Week One homework – CTCHIQ

Welcome to my weekly homework world. I have decided to join onlne classes and I am having fun. I just ended my week one of art studies focusing on Basic Design.

Monday. Berlin.

There was quiz.

Apparently I felt I answered all correctly. I even felt happy submitting it on time. However a week after, in my horror I have learned that I only scored 3 out of 12. It is kinda exciting since I need to empty my cup so I can learn more. I promise to take this classes seriously. They say there’s no correct answer but maybe there is. We will see 🙂

Tuesday. New York.

hw 002 portrait 2 hw 002 portrait

Hi my name is Cher.

Im 30. Yes! Im turning 30 🙂

Wednesday. Hiroshima.

Thursday. Hongkong.

Lasagna CTCHIQ


My sister made it, and I helped  (winkwink)

The process
design is a process


Friday. Mali

cher mask

Since it was Halloween I decided yo share my mask for this homework.



Saturday.  Chinatown, New York City.


I like games.
As long as my mind can linger and run. I appreciate psychological or emotional games. Talk about being weird.

**case from aty june 

“Inspiration then information; each validates the other” Man Ray


Sunday. Bangkok

Daily Observations

Daily Observations 2 Daily Observations



You may view my entire homework on my Facebook. Enjoy. Feel free to comment or criticize my art. I need that.

You may want to enroll in classes too 🙂

Design 101 ( Design Basics)

The Future of Storytelling


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