The Truth About Xdeals

The Truth About Xdeals – Filipina Wanderer. In this industry of fashion where photographers, makeup artists, stylists, and models collaborate, there is a known issue about X deal, Is it a good thing or a bad thing??

What is an X Deal?

An X Deal is an agreement  between two parties, who would want to collaborate in exchange of company’s goods or services. There is no monetary involvement with this deal. So if one party gets some moolah out of this transaction it means someone is scamming the other or vice versa. Although if the other party is aware, then probably you may call it as friendship.

Why X the Deal?

For a newbie in the business, it is best to work with fellow artists who are very passionate about the craft. You will be able to get free pointers/ lessons depending on how open minded you are with the project.

Who can participate in an X deal?

In the Fashion Trade, either a Photographer, Makeup Artist, Stylist, or Model can find her team who are willing to work together for free. Most of the time, photographers are the ones who create the opportunity for makeup artists and models.

In the Business world, most sponsorship today are done through this. A company sponsoring an event would just be giving X amount of goodies. It is actually hard to find a company who can provide monetary sponsorship, unless the company is working directly to the particular event.

In the Music World, this can be the composer, the lyricist, the single and the brand. Either of which they can all collaborate in creating a music for a cause. Most often this is done in amateur level.

The Professional and the Amateur

The Professional will never get into Xdeal unless he or she was invited by a friend or a colleague for a greater cause. Doing charity work can cause a lot of trouble for a professional however it also uplifts his moral senses if he or she participates in this cause.

The Amateur will be more willing to attend Xdeal events. This is the best way to be heard. Collaborations can help an amateur add his or her portfolio materials. This is also a cheap way to start. Normally you need a team to move on to your ladder but by joining Xdeals you get a good edge especially if you will be working with the professionals.

Our Investment

For Photographers, you need your camera, which they do update every now and then. They need a laptop. They need different lenses. They need different strobes and lights.

For Makeup Artist, they would need their entire makeup basics times 3. They need at least 3 hues of foundations, concealer, powder, bronzer, eye shadows, eye pencils and lipsticks. They also need different brushes, sponges, traincases and a lot more.

For Models, they need to maintain their physique. This includes their monthly gym membership, facial treatments, spa services, supplementary diets and a gazillion wardrobe and shoes.

But we must know. Despite being new in the business or the lack of portfolio thereof we all know it is quite pricey to become a fashion merchant. And to top of this investments, this people need to pay for their rent, phone bills, internet, gas money, food and drinks.

The Good Thing behind.

It builds the portfolio. It builds the network. It builds your craft to get better. For starters, it is always best if you start contacting your friends who are beneficial to your craft, then set a project where everybody wins. If you are good in your creativity, people will know. And eventually you will start to receive calls and client gigs. Invest in your talent, nurture it deep. Read more, practice more and own it.

Why does it hurts?

People just build their contacts. Or one part of the deal scams the other. The worst will be lack of natural talent. Honestly this is the real hindrance why there are scammers. Scammers do nasty things because they are only good in marketing it but cannot deliver the goods. And you may feel sabotage after the deal. It is best to research the people you are working with. Google, Facebook, Twitter, the list of social media goes on. People in this artistry are always in the loop of the world wide web, always remember that. If the person you are dealing with is being discreet with his/her company/ business/ portfolio/ talent you have to be careful.

Remember, you got all the info that you need. It is all up to you how you use and abuse it. Enjoy my friend.

Tell us your horror and winning experiences about Xdeals. We would like to hear from you.

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8 thoughts on “The Truth About Xdeals

  1. proposals we accepted / declined
    declined – booth for overnight stay in cebu (arrive today, check out tomorrow – sayang lang ang pamasahe and effort)
    declined – booth for umbrellas, pens and bags
    declined – booth for live performance at the fair
    declined – booth for hair and make up service for models (we don’t even have a fashion show)
    declined – wedding services for exposure (use their wedding reception as bridal fair – distribute calling cards to guests)
    accepted – manpower for exposure (assist at kasalang bayan for tv interview – interviewed twice at the office but it never got aired. didn’t even get a copy)
    accepted – partial exdeal / cake for booth – 5k worth of cake. was disappointed when got the cake. they gave was a cake around 10 inches diameter and 4 inches high. 2 inches of that was styro.


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