The truth about the other Girl

Love is blind. Love is bearable. Love is kind. Love is a source of fantasy. Love bears ecstacy. Love conditions your mind. Love begets all sins. Love is risky. Love is always frisky. Love trust the anger and pain. Love forgives the temptous crave.


You may have met her, seen or even taste her. She is delectably sweet. Her essence pumps your muscles as you enjoy the all nighter. Her smile brightens the room. You rest your worries as you talk about your life. She listens and comforts you. She deals your heartbreak with a kiss and more.

Your girlfriend hates her. She perceives a bitch in disgrace. She doesnt have the morals to break a relationship. She is always someone else sweetheart. Despite of all the troubles. Society hates the woman who is genuine with her emotions. People perceive her as a slut. She never retaliates. She just continue with her life with a new man entowed.

She is Eve. A woman who have been hurt. Cried a thousand times and then have learned that expectations only hurts you twice more. Eve have learned that her issues are nothing compared to her lovers woes. She is brave enough not to get hurt. She love that she is being love even if its just lust involved.

You have been there before. After a long term relationship, after ending it. You met your past lover. The feeling is mutual. Issues are just well complicated. You savor each other like you have had before. It is a known fact that you are both sexually compatible. Every thrust feels great. It makes you a good man. Things have been changed though.

Eve is no longer jealous. She have cried a river for all the jealousy she had partaked. She surrenders herself, knowing that even if she only gets the sex, she is still getting something. You forgot to kiss her. Youve meet her a couple of times yet you never kiss her. She remembers how you have dealt with your woman. She is one of them now. That other girl. The one who will never be official. She is stronger now yet her addiction to your skin is still in her head. She continues to be that other girl. She refuse to listen when your woman calls you. She can hear you smile and feel the love you are expressing. She use to be that girl. But she cant be that person anymore.

Finding a strange personality, she continues to be the brave and sexy. She met another you. Since she was not ready to be in a real relationship she opens her windows and let the man have her. It was exciting. She forgets how heartbroken she was. She was honest and says what limitations she can only afford.

The truth about the other girl

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