Jing Monis Salon at Bellevue Hotel Alabang: Two Toned Soft Long Layered Goddess Hair Makeover

Jing Monis Salon at Bellevue Hotel Alabang: Two Toned Soft Long Layered Goddess Hair Makeover: 

Early this month, I am getting frustrated with how dull and lifeless my hair was. In my frustration, I took the scissor and began cutting 5 inches of my hair. It was a relief and a celebratory of freedom. Women normally do crazy things with their hair when they are heartbroken, I am one (haha).

I am an avid fan of hair treatments and hair color. Lately, my trips to the salon are getting frequent. I used to have my hair rebonded and now I hated it. I switched on getting hair color since the gray ones are showing up. Keratin treatment and highlights were added on my list, to fix the cure.

Before the Goddess Look


My previous hair was hips long, it can touch my butt cheeks already. I had some highlights with 3 layers of root coloring since I do retouches every 2 months. The roots are totally damaged.

Forgive me for my duck face 🙂

Getting There

As a Metro South resident, Bellevue Hotel is very accessible to my area. Since I don’t commute, I can share my drive going to the area. I took the Alabang Zapote route, it took me a good 30 minutes on a Tuesday afternoon. Usually traffic in the late afternoon, I recommend set your appointment in the morning or early afternoon.


Parking was awesome. I first tried the open space parking beside the hotel however due to popularity there was no space. I made a full U-turn and parked my car in the basement. For 5 hours of salon indulgence, my bill was P60. Not bad for a hotel rate.





The Goddess Look

Having a very dry and lifeless hair, Stylist Mandy gave me a heart to heart talk. He gave me options and considerations to achieve a styled crown.

Mandy took his skills by cutting 5 inches of my dry hair (that’s a total of 10 inches since I cut it this month). He turned my unruly hair into a soft layered shoulder length hair. It turned out beautiful. My current hair condition at the time looks gorgeous, I feel like I may not need extra color or treatment.

Jing Monis Hair Color Process.jpg

To my delight, Mandy introduced me to balayage. We decided to have a reverse ombre look using the balayage technique. Coloring the hair starting from the crown with a lighter shade and followed the rest of the hair with a darker shade. Carlo my colorist used Wella Hair to achieve the goddess look.

Balayage is a technique for highlighting the hair in which the dye is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect.



Unfortunately, I have been live blogging using Instagram stories for the entire process of my hairmakeover yet weirdly it did not allow me to save the videos. Moving forward I prompted to save automatically. I am adding photos from Mandy and Jing Monis Salon Fb Accounts, thank you for featuring my look. Credits to you guys.



The service and the experience was great. They even provide food and beverage to keep you hydrated and nourished.


100% recommendation: to consult a stylist first during your appointment. They can give you wonders and refreshing outcomes. Research is the key. If you have a style you may want to try, show it to your stylist and discussed what is best for you. Customizing your look is always great than copying a look that wont look good on you.

You may visit Jing Monis Salon at 3rd Floor Bellevue Hotel. Set an appointment to get your goddess hair just like mine.

Add them on Facebook and Instagram too.

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