Balancing Work and Play: Lifestyle of a Womxn

In today’s world, womxn are more multifaceted than ever. We juggle various roles, from being loving mothers and daughters to assertive professionals and entrepreneurs. We shoulder diverse responsibilities, and we continually break barriers and overcome stereotypes. But how does a womxn strike the right balance between her personal and professional life? How can she ensure she gives adequate attention to her family, her work, her social life, and, most importantly, herself?

The Many Roles of a Womxn

Womxn bear numerous responsibilities in our society, often spanning personal, familial, and professional domains. The traditional stereotypes of a Filipino woman—caring, nurturing, and submissive—are continually being challenged as more and more of us step into roles as leaders, entrepreneurs, and changemakers. The stereotype of a workaholic woman, on the other hand, often paints a picture of a tireless professional relentlessly pursuing her career goals, sometimes at the expense of her personal life. But this too is changing as we become better at balancing our work with our personal responsibilities.

Striking the Balance

Balancing work, family, business, and social life is a fine art and one that requires constant attention and adjustment. Speaking from my own experience as a mom, the eldest in the family, and a workaholic marketer, I’ve found that the key to balancing my time and ensuring my self-fulfillment is a sense of priority. My top priority is my daughter, Ava. It’s not just about meeting her basic needs like food, shelter, toys, and entertainment; it’s about the quality time we spend together as mother and daughter.

My secret to successfully managing my time is maintaining a calendar. In my early years, I had a fear of missing out (FOMO) and would say yes to everything. But as time went on, I learned the value of planning my activities in advance and the power of saying “no”. By breaking down my 24 hours accordingly and adding events to my calendar weeks ahead, I’ve made sure to preserve the relationships I value most.

“At the end of the day, your priorities are what matters. It’s always best to ensure that what you’re doing makes you happy. Once you achieve self-fulfillment and contentment, life indeed becomes easier.”

– FilipinaWanderer

Another crucial aspect of my life balance involves my family and friends. I make sure to catch up with at least one close friend per month, nurturing these valuable relationships that are essential for my mental health. I also prioritize my family, ensuring that we have a weekly meal together to keep abreast of everyone’s life progress. As the eldest, or “Ate”, it’s important to me to take care of my siblings, facilitating open communication within our family.

The most significant chunk of my time is dedicated to my work. As a workaholic, especially when I’m in the zone, I invest significant time in understanding the undefined, which speeds up my decision-making. But I always take time to revisit decisions, do the necessary research, and take a breather before finalizing.

At the end of the day, your priorities are what matters. It’s always best to ensure that what you’re doing makes you happy. Once you achieve self-fulfillment and contentment, life indeed becomes easier.

Balancing our many roles and responsibilities is a never-ending dance, but with careful planning and clear priorities, it can be done. As womxn, it’s vital that we take care of ourselves so that we can continue to take care of others. Let’s remember to nurture our relationships, foster our passions, and carve out time for our own well-being.

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