Namnam Filipino Comfort: Appetizing the Pinoy Palate

Filipina Wanderer loves food. Namnam is a new Filipino restaurant in Greenbelt Makati, catering the pinoy panlasa (taste). Eversince we have tried this food heaven. Me and my friends keeps on visiting Namnam. The food is very comforting. The taste is versatile and extraordinary. It is truly Malinamnam, as it was coined from this Tagalog word whichContinue reading “Namnam Filipino Comfort: Appetizing the Pinoy Palate”

Girls HBO

Filipina Wanderer, Just watch the first two episodes of GIRLS from HBO. I presumed its not yet airing in the Philippines, since I have watch it online. Its a dark comedy which a girl like me can relate. I agree with Dunham saying that this is the missing part of womanhood. We all strive for ourContinue reading “Girls HBO”