Mcdonald’s in Macau

Filipina Wanderer. As soon as we arrived in Macau (around 1150pm) our tummies are beginning on a strike. In taipa, most of the restaurants were already close at that time but to our surprise we found comfort food!!! Mcdonalds in Macau 😛 The staff are very friendly, they allowed us to order since they are closing by 12mn. Despite the language barrier it is sooo easy to order. Friendly and accomodating staff, high five!

The burger tastes the same and looks the same but being able to eat comfort food in a foreign land help us love everything.

Here’s the menu prices. We actually ate twice in Mcdonald’s, one in Taipa and once in City of Dreams, we figured that the prices differ from each other. The Big Mac cost around $28 in Taipa while in City of Dreams it cost around $45.00

Since it was already late, we decided to have a take out. We ate at the hotel 😛

I ordered the McWings. Since we dont have this in Manila.  It cost around $28 with fries and drinks. It comes with a Thai Hot and Spicy which taste sweet and delicious. The food overall is worth it.

Much Love Cher Filipina Wanderer

*** Have you tried Mcdonalds in Macau??

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