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Club Balai Isabel – Filipina Wanderer

Filipina Wanderer goes to Club Balai Isabel Batangas.  A 3hour trip from Las Pinas, we took SLEX to Talisay ( see below for direction instructions). This has to be my one of the longest drives I have done,  with 3 of my bestbuds it is worth it.

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The staff we’re very accommodating. They treated us like a princess. It was drizzling and the Manong Guard helped us to the lobby. Thumbs up!

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Our accommodation includes free breakfast. Since we are not really prepared for this trip we had our breakfast – lunch – dinner at their restaurant. The food is fair. They serve different varieties. They have a small kitchen inside the rooms, you may be able to use it.

Due to much excitement, I discovered I have more vain pictures than the place :(sad). Our room was upgraded from Sampaguita Manor [Php5,544 for 2-4pax] to Deluxe Lake Shore Suite [Php 11,825]. Since we only have vanity pictures, I was not able to capture the magnificence of our room. The room is very spacious with fully equipped kitchen perfect for the family outing. The view is amazing too, fronting Taal Lake, which we can go back to Club Balai again. I promise to post more pictures 🙂

The Sampaguita Hotel Rooms is a stand-alone structure composed of 6 rooms that can accommodate up to 4 people each with two queen-sized beds. There is a small lobby in the middle of the structure.

For more Information about Club Balai Isabel, please visit their website. How to get there information were re-posted from their site.

Club Balai Isabel

Visit the resort at
Barangay Banga,Talisay, Batangas
Makati Office
            (02) 897 0229
            (02) 895 7230
            (02) 556 8442
Site Office
            (043) 728 0307
            (043) 773 0004
Mobile Phone
            (0917) 504 4157
            (0917) 872 1512
How to get there:

Option 1 : From South Super Highway (via Tagaytay) »

1. Take the Sta. Rosa Exit and turn right.
2. Follow the main road leading to Tagaytay. When you reach Tagaytay, you will come to an intersection.
3. Turn left at the intersection.
4. Go straight until you see a public elementary school on your left and a road named Ligaya Drive on your right.
5. Turn right at Ligaya Drive. Follow the road down to Talisay. Please exercise caution: this is a steep road.
6. When you reach the bottom of the road you will come to an intersection. Turn left at this intersection.
7. You will pass a bridge. Club Balai Isabel is 200 meters from this bridge on the right side. If you see a second bridge, then you have gone past the resort.
Option 2: From South Super Highway »
1. On South Luzon Expressway, simply go straight past the end of the highway and straight to the STAR Tollway.
2. Go up the ramp at the Tanauan City exit and turn right. You are now on the National Highway.
3. Follow the road going to Talisay.
4. When you reach the town proper of Talisay, go straight ahead.
5. Club Balai Isabel is 500 meters from the town proper on your left side. If you see the second bridge, then you have gone past the resort.
Option 3: Public Transportation »
1. Go to the bus terminal in Buendia-Taft, across Atrium hotel. Bus liners Tritran and Jam offers the trip going to Lipa,Tanauan, Batangas City.
2. Take the bus with the sign board Lipa, Tanauan, Batangas City. It will cost you around P70-P80 pesos per person.
3. Get off at Tanauan town proper bus terminal. Once you get off, you will see the tricycles beside the bus terminal.
4. Take the tricycle and ask the driver to bring you to the Talisay jeepney terminal besides Mc Donalds Tanauan. It will cost you P8 per person./td>
5. When you have reached the jeepney terminal, take the ride with the signboard TALISAY.It will cost you P 20 per person.
6. You will reach the town proper of Talisay, the jeep will stop near the church of Talisay.
7. Take the tricycle at the terminal near the church where you get off. Ask the driver to bring you to Cub Balai Isabel. It will cost you P8.00 per person, if you wish to take the trip alone and not wait for other passengers, be prepared to pay P 24.00.
8. The tricycle will bring you to Club Balai Isabel.

Club Balai Isabel Batangas Philippines

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  1. Awww. Anyway, you can come back again to take pictues of the place itself. Make sure to have a tripod with you to get yourself included in the picture =P


  2. Club Balai Isabel is famous because of it’s tranquil atmosphere, a perfect place for wedding reception. The price is hefty but fair enough if you have the scenic view of Taal, excellent customer service and nice rooms.


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