Tagaytay Highlands Getaway

Filipina Wanderer goes to Tagaytay Highlands. This Holy Weekend, we decided to spend on an adventure. I took my sedan (whom I call “Yummy”) for the drive. It will be my first time to experience driving TH, and by the looks of our previous vacation here, the roads are really high!!!!

You need to be a Club Member or Property Owner to be able to enter the premises. The security is very strict. Unless you have friends who are members of TH, you can ask them to sponsor so you could experience TH fun.

They also offer Wedding Packages, you may want to check with your fiancee the place because I am sure it will be a good venue. Starting at P125,000, have an exclusive Tagaytay Highlands wedding. Package is valid from Monday to Thursday weddings only. December to January dates not included in the promo. Please call Banquets Sales Office at (046) 483-0820/3657 or  (0917) 882-6885

There are different routes you may take, if you are from Manila you can exit either from South Super Highway or from Coastal Road going to Tagaytay. You may need to check on your car’s breaks and gas prior to the trip. The roads are quite steep. A good leg muscle helps especially if you are driving a manual car.

The view is very breathtaking. Overlooking the Taal Lake and Volcano.  TH is divided into Highlands, Midlands and Greenlands. There are different transportation system inside like the Cable Car, Funicular, Shuttle Van or you can bring your car inside.

Every year it always seems to be a different adventure. I am looking forward for our next journey to TH. I am very thankful for my friends, esp for the Espiritu family for hosting us. Until the next trip! 🙂

Going down the road to TH may be easy, yet I really have a hard time going up the hill (or maybe its just my weakness 😦 ) With 6 people inside the sedan with our fun experience to add on. Tagaytay Highlands is a good investment so you may enjoy the facilities and experience it has to offer. Filipina Wandererer did enjoyed.

For more information about Tagaytay Highlands, visit their website at: http://www.tagaytayhighlands.com/


Filipina Wanderer – Tagaytay Highlands 2012

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