Chairs are like Facebook

Chairs are like Facebook

I was reading my feed and came across Mashable‘s article. Facebook Is Like Bananas and Boxes, Says the Internet by Stephanie Haberman.  At first I thought this was just a parody or a mockery but no its official. I am embedding the videos which have been distributed publicly. No infringement necessary. You may view the original link too.

Chairs are like FacebookOriginally I wanted to copy a picture and use it as my cover.But hey, my name is Cher. I can be facebook too? right?

If this will turn out as a fad thing. This ad will be the same as “Its Not Fun In The Philippines Anymore”, I mean the original “Its More Fun In The Philippines” tourism ad campaign. People can think of any noun, chairs, airplanes, scissors, spoon, towel, wood, water, condom, hairspray and yes zombies too.

There is a tumblr blog, Are like Facebook, wherein you can submit your photos, with a tagline, because the universe is vast and dark. There are a number in the archive list. Hence, creating my own. 😛 (Bazinga!) You can submit your photos too.

The website, Are like Facebook, gives us a big NO, then probably it answers its own question. (Hey is this a trick question!?!)

There are also videos for this matter. First the Twitter Parody of Obama and Mashable’s parody of the ad.

All I can say now. Enjoy. Everyone like Facebook anyways.

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