Pinterest 101

pinterest 101

Filipina Wanderer have been addicted to the this new crazed called Pinterest. Since I have started, I was amaze how fast people like and repin. I have various boards which are really interesting. I started repining my old stock files from my tumblr account. In day 1 I got 50 followers. So I made this list for people who wants to use Pinterest as their new social media platform.

pinterest 101

10 things to know in Pinterest.

1. Create interesting boards 

This should be boards with one niche. For example weddings, fashion or photography. Make sure you will be able to keep this updated.

***My best pinned board is my MUA Ideas and Fashyon. (I have great followers from well known Makeup Artists, Photographers, International Magazines, and Brand PR’s)

Pinterest Fashyon

Pinterest MUA Ideas

2. Add a Pin

There are different ways in adding your pins.

Adding a Pin via a URL > Click Add a Pin > Choose the Url of your choice>  Paste the link> Click on find images > Pin it.

Pinterest Add

PInterest add a pin

3. Install the Pin It Button

I really love this Pin It Button because you can pin anything you are interested in while you are browsing the net.

About > Pin It Button> Click and Drag the Pin to your Bookmarks Bar.

4. Upload your own Pin

You may also upload your own pin. Remember you must have the authorization to upload the photo.

Upload a Pin > Choose File > File from your Computer > Uploading > Choose the Board > Pin

5. Follow amazing Pinterest users

The best in Pinterest you can follow anyone with good taste. They can be celebrities, photographers, curators, or regular moms with creative style. You may want to follow each blog or you may follow all.  I can make a list of top Pinterest users depending on their boards but my love for all will be Nina Garcia and OscarPRGirl.

6. Set your best board cover

If you have more than 10 pins in your board, you may have your option to change board cover or just leave it like that with the most current pin. Setting the best cover can make long lasting recall for your followers. Here are my board covers for my own boards.

7. Rearrange your boards

You can rearrange your board according to your taste. With my current board style, my own boards with original contents are above, next will be fashion boards and wedding boards, then the random boards and lastly the community boards. You may change the board location just by dragging it to the location you prefer.

8. Be part of the community boards

Being part of community boards is a good plus. You wont need to follow all the great boards since community boards are bunch of Pinterest users who combine their pins into one. They have rules often followed, like users can only post 5 post at a time to avoid spamming. You may also start your own community board for your team or brand. Choosing other pinners is a joy. Remember you cannot just add anybody in your community boards, they will need to accept the invitation first before they can pin.

*** The character beside the board name means this is a community board.

Pinterest Style WomenPinterest ClothesPinterest Celeb Style

9. Maximize Facebook and Twitter

From the Settings, You may be able to login with your Facebook and Twitter. For every pin post you have the option if you want to post using this Social Medias. It is actually great to make your followers be updated with all of your post. You can also publish your activity on your Facebook Timeline. And an option to Hide your Pinterest profile from search engines.

Pinterest Settings

Pinterest facebook Timeline

10. Check your Pinterest score with Pinpuff

I have been addicted to Klout score. And yes, you can measure the popularity of your Pinterest and the value of each pin.

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English: Red Pinterest logo
English: Red Pinterest logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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