Pinoy Halloween 2012

Halloween Celebrations in the Philippines is not really a known trend, however since we adapt so much with the changes in the western world, we are now celebrating it in style.  I discovered some few activities which you guys can relate with. From going conservative to being all the way Halloween. Amidst the trend I am happy that people are celebrating in Pinoy Style.


When I was a kid, we usually spend the halloween night, (Oct 31) at the Cemetery. My lola died on the year I was born. It has always been our trend to visit my lola. We normally spend the night, bring some food and feast with the souls. The entire place is wonderful. Every year I look forward to spending halloween with my lola and her neighbors. The cemetery might be crowded, with all of the cars, teenagers dating all over the place, families too busy with their food containers, people singing out loud with their karaoke or people who are actually praying for their dead love ones. No matter how they spend it in the cemetery it is always an interesting view.

Nowadays, there are tons of fast food carts inside the area. From burgers, sandwiches, ice creams  tacos, sushi, pizzas; name any food, you can find it here. But if you are doing this kind of adventure this year, please be reminded of our trash. The only sad part, people are literally throwing everywhere. I know its not too much to ask 🙂


For the party goers here are the list of where you can go zombie or catwoman. I heard cosplay and superhero themes are intrend. You can create and but your costumes. No matter who you are. Unleash your inhibitions! Go wild! I have watched a tv segment that whenever the guest was wearing this costumes, she always feel the character and become the person. Forgetting your real life and enjoy the night. It might be fun, but I gotta say be careful still because at the end of the night, you will go back to your real space, to your real life. Have fun but be careful.

My friend bought this catwoman costume in Makati. Its called Skitzo. I really love the costume, it suits her perfectly.  There might be other costume place where you can buy and all. I will updated this article for that.

You may want to check Skitzo on Facebook

I gathered some Halloween events for this year. Feel free to visit their event page. For additional events please feel free to message me.


Friday (October 26, 2012)
Glow in the dark Halloween Ball at CandyShop
Guillys Halloweek
Alter Ego: Halloween Edition
MONSTER'S BLOOD BANK "My Bloodiest Halloween Party Ever

Saturday (October 27,2012)

Black Party Manila

Halloween Night (October 31, 2012)

Prive Exclusive Halloween Ball
Eternal Death Wake Event 10th Yr Anniversary
Walking Dead at Space SuperClub

For future event listings.


Most exclusive subdivisions offer their community a fun filled Halloween trick or treat for the kids. If you drive around, you will see the houses decorated in scary or funny halloween ornaments. The best thing for any kids are the tons of candies that our homeowners are giving to the kids who are participating. Young or old, you will see your neighbors in Superman or Edward get up. I myself enjoys this every year.

But be AWARE. This activities are limited for the homeowners only. There is a silent halloween rule, “If you dont live in the block, then don’t ask for candies”. The goodies are for kids. If you have friends from the village, then you are lucky to be invited but seriously, respect bro! 🙂  Since this is becoming a trend, your village might have their own trick and treat. It feels the best when you feel belong, with the witches and vampires that is.


If you will be stuck at your home this halloween, don’t fret. The internet has more fun stuff. With the uprising of the digital age, you can feel the halloween all over the world. You can check google or facebook for any fun craziness people are doing this holiday.

I found some yucky and funny memes and costumes that were posted all over the web. This are my faves.

Suppenfuß – I googled this, this is Glutten Soup available in Germany 🙂

Photo: Just finished filming more Halloween tutorials! Barbie gone wrong.... It's 4 am here! I feel like a zombie!

Michelle Phan. Barbie

Promise Tamang Phan – I love her halloween makeovers, you should find one too!

Baby Iron Man Macho

I still dont know what this is 🙂

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