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Filipina Wanderer had been up and running for a year, however I only decided to focus on blogging a month ago. Without any knowledge, I focused on the things I would want to write about. I may have been in the social media for a very long time but this is the only time I really gave a particular time and effort for blogging, and it did pave a good price.

A month ago this blog is a nobody. But now, I am really happy with the reach I have accomplish. If I can do this and so can you.

HERE is my List of what can help you boost your blogging: I know you have read a lot already but this are the ways that had helped me.

1. Decide on your content. They always say, content is the key. Write about the things that inspire you. You can write about your love for travel, fashion, makeup, events or your relationships. Make sure you create blogs per niche they say its better but you can do a personal blog where you can write about anything that entices you. Just be aware to write with your hearts content not because its an ad or pr work. Remember to have a great content, you must be a able to reach your viewers like you are just talking to a friend. Storytelling is the key 🙂

***And please. Do not plagiarize. Its not healthy.

2. Join Blogger Groups. I have to thank FBW (Filipino Bloggers Worldwide) for this. Since I joined the group and have started participating in their daily syndication, I saw the big change. It boosted my blog. So thank you fellow bloggers.

3. Read. Adapt. There are tons of articles written for your needs. I always believe that if you like writing you should know how to read first. It is so amazing on how this articles have change my style in a good way. You can read the big guns, as they talked about SEO like professionals, or you can read the real bloggers, those who write for passion. They have lessons that you can get one way or another.

4. The Power of Syndication. Make sure you have the correct social media. It is a must to make your postings in public, hence the word social, you don’t want to keep it to yourself, right?

Google Plus. There was a time when I found the correct people in the PR and content world. My circles are crazy (from Content writers, Investors, Clients, Artists and now Bloggers) but I am proud of it. I was able to find the right people for my G+. I get my daily doze of knowledge content from Google Plus. Many are not aware, but this media is really wonderful. There are so many geeks. I do hope it won’t get on full scale so I can still discover many great finds. And having a habit of adding plus ones on the sites helps your content boost up too. Win-Win.

Twitter. Before my blogging world, this is where I rant. I felt since nobody knows me I can write about anything. It may still feel the same way now but in twitter surprisingly a lot of people can read your rants. Hence I started to use this advantage in creating a good market. You may also use your twitter for signing up. I suggest to use twitter than facebook. You will be able to check the apps you added without a headache.

Facebook. I have 4 facebook accounts, 7 Pages, 6 Group Admin and a number of membership to different groups. Make sure to make things in public, private or for business purposes. You may not want to mix your personal life with some FB stranger. The reason behind theres a billion accounts in Facebook, theres more than one account to a person. In FB, relating to people is more personal. Your friends are real since regular people check their FB more often than texting. It is a great way to connect with people with the same passion, personality and taste. Although FB is limited, you can be sure that your goal is more reachable.

StumbleUpon. SU at first was just a site where I joined. Apparently this baby is helping me boost out my page views. Even if I havent posted my new article to the syndication thread, my views are really high.

Digg. I have not yet maximize its powers but I am sure I can find a way.  I am sure I can dig this.

Pinterest. I started Pinterest for the love of fashion. And then things get hyper and fantastic, now my followers are 30 more than who I am following which is a good sign. To maximize pinterest potential, make sure you create a specific board for each interest, it will be great if you will be invited to community boards, since these board creators have more ruling factor, it boost your pinscore too.

5. Add extensions for your Chrome. I know this may not really help you however adding great extensions for browsers helped me. Like for mine, I have tons of extensions that I use and not. It motivates me to see if my numbers are falling or rising up. It connects me instantly with my medias. My top extensions would be Klout, and SEO Toolbar. I am also using Buffer, Pinterest and Quicknote.

6. Pictures. If you have a camera, you better start compiling photos for your stock. You would not know if that picture can help you in your future articles. Stock photos are your basic subject stills, like a photo of a pencil, a car, a building or a cat. If photography is not for you, you can borrow some pictures make sure you tag the owner or you credit them for their work.

I am happy to connect with fellow bloggers and readers. Here’s my list of medias. You can find my complete list here.
My Current scores in the Internet world:
Alexa Data Popularity; 736,830
Top Blog#38.
Klout Score 65
Pinterest Score 42
Pin worth $0.48

I know I am still far from being the ideal blog but I promise I will get there. According to my SEO helper this are the things I need to focus on. I will create a new post in the future while I focus on the things I need to restructure and polish.  I am not saying my blog is the best and it reached the highest peaks already. Because for all seriousness we haven’t reach that point yet, but it is my goal, every bloggers goal. I promise to focus more on details. Read more guides. Be open minded and be warm with constructive criticisms. I am just to happy that in a month time I was able to reach this goal. I would make my best to construct a more organize platform and subject topics since most of my topics are just, what digs inside of me at the moment, or maybe this way is better, we will see.

For any comments, suggestions, reactions or hate remarks, I am to answer your queries. xoxo

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