Have you Obey your Thirst?

Are you agoganxious, appetent, ardent,  arid,  athirst,   avidbone-dry, breathlessburning, cottonmouthed,    craving, crazy for, dehydrated,   droughty, dry as dust, dying for,   eagergreedyhankering,   hungryimpatientinclined,   itching for, juicelesskeenlonging,   lustingparched, partialto,   sapless, thirsting,    waterless, wild for, yearning for a cold drink that can satisfy your thirst?


Whenever I am feeling thirsty for knowledge I make sure that I quench my thirst by researching and experimenting life theories. Being deprive is the worst feeling a person can feel. It may be deprivation from love and trust or even from material things. As a go getter, I always believe that if you want something you have to work for it. By the end of the day you will be happier getting the results that you wanted.

Follow your passion. Do not deprive yourself. When you are thirsty, obey your thirst. And literally if you are thirsty have a glass of Sprite. I assure you. You will be smiling after. 🙂

Watch the video and tweet about it using hashtag #ObeyYourThirst

Published by CT

CT is a Filipina Wanderer. Cognoscente Houri ♕ Event Architect | Digitally Good Rockstar | Unicorn Assistant🦄

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