Robbyn and Cher Adventures: the mermaid

Filipina Wanderer and my crazy lovable cousin Robbyn. We had awesome adventures together.  Shes from LA, I am from Manila. She is a true blue American girl, and I am proud Filipina. Despite our differences, we found a friend and a sister from each other.

This is suppose to be a throwback picture for throwback Thursdays but I decided to share our adventures. #throwbackthursday #tbt #throwback

Robbyn and Cher 01Everytime we go out. We make sure we look dazzling. I am normally the shirt and shorts kind of girl but with Robbyn, I go fashion to the Z. 
Robbyn and Cher 2Yes, her hair is blue. I would be posting that transformation too 🙂 According to her I am her Snooki. She is my Smurfet.

Robbyn and Cher 3We are never close till 18 years later. We became besties. BFF. My love for my cousin is beyond incomparable. I treat her as a cousin, sister, friend and confidant. Who would taught blood is thicker than friendship?

Robbyn and Cher 4We are on our way to watch a play. Yes, we are cultured. I love culture. She doesnt have the choice but to watch with me. 🙂

Robbyn and Cher 5 Robbyn and Cher 6 Robbyn and Cher 7 Robbyn and Cher 8 Robbyn and Cher 9 Robbyn and Cher 10 Robbyn and Cher

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