FW letter of absence

Dear FW readers,

I miss you. I apologize for not posting any articles for the previous months. I keep on bragging that I am Filipina Wanderer but the blog is not updated. For this I am melting in disbelief for what I have done to what I love most, blogging.

The good news is. When cyber life is on pause the real life is on adventure. For the previous months I have gained different experiences. I will promise to take time to write about this and give more details on the things I began to fall inlove with.

Some things to look forward with. 

My sexy wonderland adventure. My guide for the ladies who want to try (and feels guilty) strip clubs.

Intramuros legendary escapade. Our own version of the manila trip like a tourist.

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar cultural vacation. Going to Bataan and going back to the past makes us proud. Cultural Heritage vacation at its best.

Luxe Aura Nails Indulgence. Getting pampered to the newest posh place in the metro south.

and introducing, HOW TO GET THERE my way of happiness in the streets of Manila.


If you love me that much. Dont fret! Most adventures are posted on my other social medias.

Feel free to connect with us.



Filipina Wanderer, Cher



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