How I Met Your Mother slash self waiting game over


Kids, remember almost a decade ago and we started to watch how i met your mother. I was 20 then. Young and romantic. Somehow the elusive feeling of love overtakes me and started loving the show up until the finale.


You would hear spoilers
everywhere of what should have happened or not. Yet by the end of this great era for television. I could say himym touch my heart to the fullest.

We all know that the title himym is not approriate. Like the old good ones, friends, beverlyhills 90210 or even melrose place  and sex and the city. It was a story of frienship, love, trust, lust and faith. All begets and hurts us since we can relate and compare notes to whats going on to our daily lives.

LEGEN…. wait for it… DARY

As barney always say.. “legen… wait for it…. dary”, the show captivates us by waiting. Waiting for the perfect timing. We can actually have everything that we wish for but we have to wait for it. For us to value what we have we have to earn it. Despite  the focus of the show which is ted. We fell inlove with the rest of the gang. I commend the writers for being able tp create twist and turns to every characters and build them up to an amazing friend.

Comparing my own frienship to Teds

My friends and i have been hanging out for more than 15 years and counting. We usually find our own Mclarens, our fave drink which is jack or even have more time spending with each other than with our partners or family. To us, himym voices out our individuality somehow somewhere. To my friends, thank you. We may find the realm of life in the next few years but i am happy and honored that true friendship can also be found in real life not only in a tube.

The Robin in me

What attracts me most is the characters evolving himym. I always take those quizzes that ranks your personality to which HIMYM character are you. I have always feel i am robin. Smart, sexy and hungry for adventure. I have related a lot to her in my entire. If you are still reading my blog. Then i have a secret to tell. Me and robin shares one thing. We are both scared and dont want to have kids. This is why i was crying out loud when the show ended. I have love robin the most since i can relate. How it is cruel to live in a mans world. She deserves the career that she gets but why was she deluded with false love. I know barney loves her greatly but it seems like a love you bestow on great friends. You protect them and care for them but its just not right to think it is love. A player is always a player. How can she be blinded with barney when she knows for a fact she is inlove with ted all along. Yet i appreciate barney for loving robin. For him trying to change to a mature man. From a psycho womanizer to a loving jealous husband back to womanizing. Then boom. He found the love. He was not wanting love romantically. He found love from his daughter. Love is really twisted. Our definition of love is somehow different to other love. The main reason why i cant hate barney. Bec he tried to love, he might be scared of it but he tried, he took chances.

It saddens me. It gives me a pain. It is heartbreaking. You followed the show for almost 10 years and then you see your self in her shoes. One thing i have learned. Its still a man’s world out there. Regardless how strong and feminist that we are. Men still has the last say whether they will be committed to you or not. And they also decide when they will love you back.

The perfect woman

Robin is not selfish. For the haters please move on. I see Robin in a modern kind of light. Tracy is sweet and perfect, the kind of woman you would want to marry, which Ted did. However in reality, women nowadays are empowered. They know what they want. They can have their orgasm if they want to. Women are bitchy nowadays. Seriously. If theres a perfect woman like Tracy everywhere then Ted would not have a hard time waiting for 9 years or more. Since he patiently waited, please give the guy a credit. Tracy is his love although she died, they still manage to become a family for 14 years right? He even waited for 6 years before he had the talk with his children about Robin. Commending Ted with such pride because unlike any other man he was man enough to be responsible and wait for the right timing. And yeah. Ted is a fictional character. Darnit!

HIMYM finale

I know i sound like a puppy. But i love himym. I wanna thank the writers, researchers and everyone from their cast and crew. I do not hate you for the ending i actually appreciate how true it was. Life is unfair. Life is real. The finale gives me a feeling that life is great we should move on and head to a great future.

Platonic Love

When you get hurt you dont play someone else heart and screw everything just bec you were hurt. You find ur peace and reconcile yourself.

Why do we relate like the character?

Ted mosby


You believe in true love. You are too romantic you are willing to let go. Let go of the love you earned and wanted.



You act like a guy. You think like a guy. You dont like kids but you love to have someone to love you.



You enjoy sex. You love the attention. Your friends are more important than your girls. You aim to become the best version of yourself regardless if its legal or not. Yet you are man enough to fall inlove and become a person you wouldnt think of.



You are crazy. You cant keep secrets. But ur heart is genuine. You love your friends. You are everybodys bestfriend. They love you like crazy. They depend on you for matters that are impossible because you are a great friend.



You are one of a million. You focus on what is right. You are the reason why women fantasizes about romance. You are not perfect but you try to please and respect your woman even if shes a bitch and moody.

Himym. Thank you. Whatever character you choose it was all worth it.


How I Met Your Mother slash self waiting game over

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