Discover the Filipino Culture Through These 5 Must-Visit Places in the Philippines

The Philippines is a country with many different and unique cultures. It’s important to experience the Filipino culture by visiting some of these locations in the Philippines.

“The Manila Bay Walk” is a great place to start off. This walkway has been around for over 100 years and provides tourists with an excellent view of the city’s skyline. The old Spanish architecture makes this a must visit location for those who want to experience the history of the country.

Another must-visit location is “The Nayong Pilipino Cultural Garden,” which was designed by Leandro Locsin, an expert in Philippine architecture and design, with help from numerous Filipino artists, architects and landscapers to create a space that captures not only Filipino culture, but also reflects its natural beauty. It’s a beautiful blend of tradition

Introduction to Filipino Culture (History, People, Food)

The Philippines is an archipelago in Southeast Asia containing 7,107 islands. The country is made up of three major ethnic groups: the Tagalogs, Visayans, and Ilocanos. Filipino culture has been influenced by centuries of Spanish, Chinese, and other Asian cultures that have made contact with the Philippines.

Filipinos were some of the first people to set foot on the island during the 1500s. They worked alongside Spanish missionaries to create a Catholic-based culture in which they had their own church and traditions. Filipinos are very religious; 83% of Filipinos are Roman Catholic (though many still practice indigenous beliefs). The remaining 17% are practicing Protestants or Muslims or followers of other religions.

The Philippines has a diverse cuisine that is heavily influenced by the country

1. Manila – City of Pearl (The Cultural Capital of the Philippines)


The city of Manila is the capital of the Philippines. It has been recognized as the “Pearl of the Orient” because of its historic core and many cultural attractions. Manila offers a vibrant and exciting mix of culture, historical landmarks, nightlife, shopping, beaches and cuisine.

The city has been recognized for its beautiful natural features such as parks, lakes, beaches and forests that are perfect for weekend getaways or a day trip with friends. The best time to visit Manila is in the summer season while it’s not too hot but before it starts raining again.

2. Batanes – Untouched Beauty& Rich Heritage


Batanes is a province that has remained untouched by the influences of modernization. It has preserved its rich heritage and culture, providing tourists with a glimpse into the past.

The Batanes provincial government is pushing for more development, better infrastructure, and increased tourism to help bring in much-needed revenue. There are many opportunities for young people to find employment in this remote province, but it is important that they be educated about the realities of living here.

Tourists who have visited Batanes often say that this is one of the most beautiful provinces that they have seen. It offers idyllic views of islands all around and perfect conditions for those who love surfing or other water sports.

3. Coron Island – Unspoiled Paradise& World’s Best Dive Site


Coron Island is one of the best locations to do both diving and snorkeling. The UNESCO Marine World Heritage Site is also a living museum of the Pacific’s history.

The island was called Isla Gran Caimán by Magellan when he arrived in 1521. It was ruled by descendants of Datu Puti, the chieftain who welcomed him aboard his canoe and served him a meal, at a time when the Spaniards were still foreigners to these shores.

4. Banaue Rice Terraces – UNESCO World Heritage Site


The Banaue Rice Terraces are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and are considered the Philippines’ most visible cultural symbol of prosperity.

The Banaue Rice Terraces are a truly breathtaking site that can be found in the mountains of the Cordillera region in north-eastern Luzon. It is one of the Philippines’ most significant archaeological remains and is also considered to be one of Asia’s great rice cultivation projects. The terraces have been built over a period spanning more than 2,000 years, from around 500 BC to 100 BC. The design was intended to mimic the mountain terrain, as it weaves around hills and deep ravines while following natural contours.

The Banaue Rice Terraces were listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995 after they were

5. Sagada – Home to Snow-white Silica


Sagada is an old town in the Philippines located at the foot of Mount Pulag. It’s known for its breathtaking views, sumptuous food, and as a point of convergence for people from different ethnic tribes.

Sagada is famously known as the “Land of the Long Noses” because its inhabitants are mostly descendants of Chinese immigrants. The town has a population of about 11,000 people and it’s considered one of the last few places in the world where traditional animistic beliefs survive alongside Christianity. Sagada is also famous for its rice terraces, which are among Asia’s most important and best preserved examples of this agricultural technique.


The Truth About Xdeals

The Truth About Xdeals – Filipina Wanderer. In this industry of fashion where photographers, makeup artists, stylists, and models collaborate, there is a known issue about X deal, Is it a good thing or a bad thing??

What is an X Deal?

An X Deal is an agreement  between two parties, who would want to collaborate in exchange of company’s goods or services. There is no monetary involvement with this deal. So if one party gets some moolah out of this transaction it means someone is scamming the other or vice versa. Although if the other party is aware, then probably you may call it as friendship.

Why X the Deal?

For a newbie in the business, it is best to work with fellow artists who are very passionate about the craft. You will be able to get free pointers/ lessons depending on how open minded you are with the project.

Who can participate in an X deal?

In the Fashion Trade, either a Photographer, Makeup Artist, Stylist, or Model can find her team who are willing to work together for free. Most of the time, photographers are the ones who create the opportunity for makeup artists and models.

In the Business world, most sponsorship today are done through this. A company sponsoring an event would just be giving X amount of goodies. It is actually hard to find a company who can provide monetary sponsorship, unless the company is working directly to the particular event.

In the Music World, this can be the composer, the lyricist, the single and the brand. Either of which they can all collaborate in creating a music for a cause. Most often this is done in amateur level.

The Professional and the Amateur

The Professional will never get into Xdeal unless he or she was invited by a friend or a colleague for a greater cause. Doing charity work can cause a lot of trouble for a professional however it also uplifts his moral senses if he or she participates in this cause.

The Amateur will be more willing to attend Xdeal events. This is the best way to be heard. Collaborations can help an amateur add his or her portfolio materials. This is also a cheap way to start. Normally you need a team to move on to your ladder but by joining Xdeals you get a good edge especially if you will be working with the professionals.

Our Investment

For Photographers, you need your camera, which they do update every now and then. They need a laptop. They need different lenses. They need different strobes and lights.

For Makeup Artist, they would need their entire makeup basics times 3. They need at least 3 hues of foundations, concealer, powder, bronzer, eye shadows, eye pencils and lipsticks. They also need different brushes, sponges, traincases and a lot more.

For Models, they need to maintain their physique. This includes their monthly gym membership, facial treatments, spa services, supplementary diets and a gazillion wardrobe and shoes.

But we must know. Despite being new in the business or the lack of portfolio thereof we all know it is quite pricey to become a fashion merchant. And to top of this investments, this people need to pay for their rent, phone bills, internet, gas money, food and drinks.

The Good Thing behind.

It builds the portfolio. It builds the network. It builds your craft to get better. For starters, it is always best if you start contacting your friends who are beneficial to your craft, then set a project where everybody wins. If you are good in your creativity, people will know. And eventually you will start to receive calls and client gigs. Invest in your talent, nurture it deep. Read more, practice more and own it.

Why does it hurts?

People just build their contacts. Or one part of the deal scams the other. The worst will be lack of natural talent. Honestly this is the real hindrance why there are scammers. Scammers do nasty things because they are only good in marketing it but cannot deliver the goods. And you may feel sabotage after the deal. It is best to research the people you are working with. Google, Facebook, Twitter, the list of social media goes on. People in this artistry are always in the loop of the world wide web, always remember that. If the person you are dealing with is being discreet with his/her company/ business/ portfolio/ talent you have to be careful.

Remember, you got all the info that you need. It is all up to you how you use and abuse it. Enjoy my friend.

Tell us your horror and winning experiences about Xdeals. We would like to hear from you.


Robbyn and Cher Adventures: the mermaid

Filipina Wanderer and my crazy lovable cousin Robbyn. We had awesome adventures together.  Shes from LA, I am from Manila. She is a true blue American girl, and I am proud Filipina. Despite our differences, we found a friend and a sister from each other.

This is suppose to be a throwback picture for throwback Thursdays but I decided to share our adventures. #throwbackthursday #tbt #throwback

Robbyn and Cher 01Everytime we go out. We make sure we look dazzling. I am normally the shirt and shorts kind of girl but with Robbyn, I go fashion to the Z. 
Robbyn and Cher 2Yes, her hair is blue. I would be posting that transformation too 🙂 According to her I am her Snooki. She is my Smurfet.

Robbyn and Cher 3We are never close till 18 years later. We became besties. BFF. My love for my cousin is beyond incomparable. I treat her as a cousin, sister, friend and confidant. Who would taught blood is thicker than friendship?

Robbyn and Cher 4We are on our way to watch a play. Yes, we are cultured. I love culture. She doesnt have the choice but to watch with me. 🙂

Robbyn and Cher 5 Robbyn and Cher 6 Robbyn and Cher 7 Robbyn and Cher 8 Robbyn and Cher 9 Robbyn and Cher 10 Robbyn and Cher

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Filipino Stereotypes

Filipino Stereotype


Filipina Wanderer. Ever wonder what other cultures say to us Filipinos? Recently, I have been interacting with foreigners. I was amazed and sometimes appalled with how they think Filipinos are.


stereotype is a thought that may be adopted about specific types of individuals or certain ways of doing things, but that belief may or may not accurately reflect reality.


The Ideal Pinay.  

She is exotic, petite and submissive.  Half of this is true.  Filipinos is mixed. We are either from a Chinese, Japanese, Spanish or European decent. In general her looks will be like this: her height is 5’2, she is petite with long black hair, her skin is olive, she is a college graduate, she blushes a lot, you may find her in the malls while wearing short shorts, flipflops and a tee shirt.

The main reason for me writing this post is because I was hurt. I was hurt when someone told me that Filipinas are whores. I am hurt as a Filipina. I am hurt because I am a woman, a feminist that is. However, I opened my mind and put my self in his shoes. The Philippines have been a tourist spot for prostitution, it is sad but it is true. Poverty is a sick issue and sometimes a starving kid can make you do crazy things. In this society where college education is a must, it will be hard for a regular Filipina to find a good job. But at the end of the day, any men would fall for Filipinas, because we are faithful and loyal at the same time. We are empowered yet we put our families first. We make loving to the sweetest. For this reasons I am not in shock why men (from all over the world) prefers Filipinas after all.

Filipino time.

Yes, Filipinos are always late. I myself can attest to that. When you say 7pm, expect your guest to arrive at 9 or 10pm. However we may have problems with being punctual. You can expect us to be at your event until egress. We may offer help if needed. We extend our time to listen and help even out of our reach.

Filipino Cuisine

We dont really eat dogs, but we eat goats and some creatures. 🙂  Some cultures eat goats like a staple food. Yes, some Pinoys eat goats but not as often as they eat pork or beef. I haven’t tried eating any dog or any frog or alligator, yet there are some provinces who really does. No offense but I think its just a preference.

We eat food with our hands but usually we use fork and spoon. We are knowledgeable to use chopsticks too.

Our official “national” ulam (viand) is Sinigang and Adobo. We eat either of the two viands every week. It use to be galunggong as our official ulam, however with the rise in price of the fishes, we rather eat adobo.

Sinigang is a Filipino soup or stew characterized by its sour and savory flavor most often associated with tamarind (sampalok). It is one of the popular viands in Philippine cuisine.

Adobo (Spanish: marinade, sauce, or seasoning) is the immersion of raw food in a stock (or sauce) composed variously of paprika, oregano, salt,garlic, and vinegar to preserve and enhance its flavor.



I found a 100 list about Filipinos at Yahoo Answers which was originally posted by Alistair in MySpace.  Read on.


Filipino Stereotypes may be fun and offensive at the same. Are you a Filipino? Can you relate??



beats and more beats

Filipina Wanderer and beats. Recently, I have been flooding your pages with some eargasmic pleasures. I always believe that to empower the world today you should have a great content. And by great content, it should always be creative, fresh and 100% yours.

The wonder of beats. I have met new people from this new circle, from producers, djs, and productions. They are all nice and sweet. Giving me great feedbacks for every new compositions. They would instruct me to watch youtube videos so I can learn the basics, they added me on their groups which is so awesome since its very exclusive and I feel I do belong, and the greatest is, I feel like a princess since there are only few female sound producers.

Heres my social media for my beats and more beats.


OFFICIAL.FM (You can download my tracks here)



Loving the Vibe by CT

Filipina Wanderer is CT.


Loving the Vibe is Trance Progressive, inspired by my man who digs music and beats.  Its fast yet messy. I will get better I promise. Lemme hear your cry! 🙂

Yes. It says “Cher beats Loving the Vibe”.

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Define Libel

Filipina Wanderer defines Libel.

¹A libel is a malicious, false statement in written media, a broadcast, or otherwise published words. 

According to wikipedia, Defamation—also called calumny, vilification, traducement, slander (for transitory statements), and libel (for written, broadcast, or otherwise published words)—is the communication of a statement that makes a claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that may give an individual, business, product, group, government, religion, or nation a negative or inferior image. This can be also any disparaging statement made by one person about another, which is communicated or published, whether true or false, depending on legal state.


1. Defamatory imputation – that lowers the esteem, honor or respect that a person is regarded

2. Publicity – must be seen or known by a third person, other than whom the libelous statement is addressed

3. Identification – the person libeled must be identified

4. Malice – if there is no good intention or justified motive for the defamatory statement. Reckless disregard for the truth.

If we remember the libel case of Dra. Vicky Belo versus Atty. Argee Guevarra, the first Philippine Facebook libel case  wherein the lawyer  posted “slanderous” comments on his Facebook page in 2009. She didn’t win the case. Now any slanderous comments can be a ground for libel.

With this new rule going on, a smart person can sue us for libel just by commenting on facebook or any social media. We can be sued for our opinions on topics that we do not like. We may not be able to express our feelings since we are prohibited by law. However, this also gives us the right to protect ourselves for those people who judges us. If our reputation and the public acceptance is our priority, this gives us an edge for only receiving good feedback. This only lead us to “be careful on what you post and what you like”.

♣Atty. Jose Jesus “JJ” Disini Jr., a cyber law expert said:
“When you put something on your Facebook, you’re publishing it at the very least to your friends. But in libel law, even if you send [a libelous statement] to 2 or 3 people, that’s libel. That’s enough to meet the standard for publication in libel”
 “The same goes for anyone else on the Facebook who ‘cut and pasted’ a libelous statement and republished it. You yourself commit libel,”
Under Article 353 of the Revised Penal Code of the Philippines, libel is defined as a public and malicious imputation of a crime, or of a vice or defect, real or imaginary, or any act, omission, condition, status or circumstance tending to discredit or cause the dishonor or contempt of a natural or juridical person, or to blacken the memory of one who is dead. Thus, the elements of libel are: (a) imputation of a discreditable act or condition to another; (b) publication of the imputation; (c) identity of the person defamed; and, (d) existence of malice.  [Daez v. Court of Appeals, G.R. No. 47971, 31 October 1990, 191 SCRA 61, 67]

²”In libel cases, the question is not what the writer of an alleged libel means, but what the words used by him mean.”

While gathering information with this post, I realize that this also touches the issue about our openness about constructive criticism. An opinion made by others can hurt us especially if this opinion is the truth. There are 3 ways to deal with criticism.
  • One, take it positively. If you are an optimist, you take this words, change what we have to change and become a better person.
  • Two, cry like a baby. We may still move on but we don’t make an initiative to change. We still live inside the criticism. We breath it as we are part of it.
  • And lastly, we sue for libel or we attack the person. In the Philippines, we don’t usually sue people. I may be wrong. But whenever a person commits a crime against us, we either take it lightly or we are too afraid or too busy to file a suit. Probably in this modern times, our government wants us to be active to participate in change. Maybe or maybe not.

ARTICLE 3, SECTION 4 of the 1987 Philippine Constitution

³”No law shall be passed abridging the freedom of speech, of expression, or of the press, or the right of the people to assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances.”

♦Tagalog/Filipino translation: “Hindi dapat magpatibay ng batas na nagbabawas sa kalayaan sa pananalita, pagpapahayag, o pamamahayag, o sa karapatan ng mga taong-bayan na mapayapang makapag-tipon at magpetisyon sa pamahalaan upang ilahad ang kanilang mga karaingan”.

Prohibiting someone to express his thoughts on certain issues is taking the right of a person for freedom of speech. Blogging is one medium where we the citizens of this country can freely express our voices. Many bloggers post their rantings about their political or religious views, some create articles about their love for art, fashion or travel, there are others who get paid to make reviews about restaurants, hotels or events.  Blogging is a freedom of expression. It is like keeping a diary or a journal. You vent out your emotions so you can be free and we can act normal again.

We may want to check and verify our actions by checking the blogger’s code of ethics. It says: be honest and fair, minimize harm, and be accountable. My only question now. Does the new cyber crime law prohibits us to blog and express our feelings or does it saves us?

You may also want to check our post about REPUBLIC ACT 10175 AKA CYBERCRIME PREVENTION ACT OF 2012

***FYI: This post is created to make the readers be informed with the current issues in our country. This is a collaboration of thoughts from various sources. Citations are included. Filipina Wanderer is not a lawyer and is not practicing law in any forms.

Republic Act 10175 AKA Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012

Filipina Wanderer wants you to be aware. Republic Act 10175 AKA Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 (20120912-RA-10175-BSA)   was approved by our President Benigno Aquino last September 12, 2012.


Since Senator Tito Sotto made a big commotion about plagiarism it is actually great that this bill was passed as fast as a lightning speed.  We bloggers should be aware of this. This can protect us and ruin us. It is best to be knowledgeable about matters that are important.

I feel good that the penalties are as much as Php 500,000. This means that  it will lessen the offenders. However I have a question in mind, I hope someone (legal) can help me with it, so this only means that cyber crime is more offensive than criminal crimes? Since there is a higher penalties than to ordinary crimes? I do hope this will be amended fully in the future.

I am looking forward for the future amendment of this act, wherein it could also touch the issues about SOPA, PIPA, and plagiarism.

You may also check E-Commerce Law – Republic Act 8792.



Revisiting Manila

My name is Cher. Born and raised in the Philippines. I am a traveler, a happiness wanderer.

Disclaimer: This should have been my entry for a Europe trip contest, I decided not to submit the article and decided to post it here.

The only way to revisit Manila is when a Balikbayan (your relative/ friend who migrated in a different country) comes back to the Philippines for a visit. I have been a regular driver for our balikbayans, there is my dad who a OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) in Qatar, my crazy cousin Robbyn from Los Angeles, my aunts from New York and some friends who are working from London and elsewhere. The first thing to do is to set their itinerary. Being the driver/ tour guide, I have to make sure their schedules would fit mine too.

This is one of my DA Shots of Manila while travelling to Singapore.

The first stop is the mall. One good thing in Manila there are tons of shopping malls. Officially it became a to-do-list for balikbayans or tourist to explore and conquer. There is a 3 is 3 rule that I make sure my guest should visit, the big 3, the retailers heaven and the neighborhood malls.

Shot while stuck in traffic in Binondo Manila

The big 3, Bonifacio Global City, Greenbelt and Mall of Asia. BGC is so big you might want to leave your espadrilles at home and use your tsinelas (flip-flops) or sandals. I actually like the environment here. You can walk your dog. Eat in  a fancy restaurant. Drink some booze while watching the japorms of the people who passes by in Serendra. You can buy your expensive gadget, sports accessory or shoes. Then at night you can party at some bars or clubs near the area. In Greenbelt, the only thing I really do here is to dine or to watch a movie but since Newport Mall had become my new love in terms of dining, movie and leisure. GB is just a place where you bring your balikbayans so they can eat and shop at boutiques that they do have back in else where.  And of course, Mall of Asia, I think most tourist made this a mall destination. Theres nothing fancy but surprisingly they made some changes. Like the big rides at the back more kids on their field trip.

And when I say retailers heaven, the first thing that pops in my mind would also Divisoria, Baclaran and Greenhills. Be warned though, not to bring any valuables at hand. But bring as much money because I can guarantee you your relatives will be super happy shopping the cheap merchandises. I know it sounds ironic. Women most of the time keep their money inside their bra/ brassiere. My aunt says it is safe. And you can get the barya/ sukli for every purchase they made 🙂


Philippine Kanto BBQ

In the Philippines, it is a fad to buy thing in retail. We have sarisari stores to defend that, you can buy your shampoo and conditioner in sachets to your sanitary napkins in singles. And the neighbor malls are the mushroom malls that keeps on sprouting everywhere in Manila, that is SM, Puregold and Starmall.

And there are things that a balikbayan would want to experience as well. Like drinking softdrink in plastic and straw, Eat fishballs and isaw, this are some, and a must to do for balikbayans, especially if you have younger cousins who never tried blowing the plastic balloon, they will surely love the experience.

Balikbayans are also into partying. I also have a list to where I can bring them. If they wanting the old chill, south side drinking. I can call my friends and buy some booze and have the best garage party at my house. If they want to go clubbing there is Republiq in Newport Mall, Opus which is just beside Republiq or Prive which is in Makati. And if they want to experience the real filipino partying style, I would just bring my guest to Aguirre in BF Paranaque where the locals come to drink whether its on a Monday or the weekend.

Goat from Calatagan, Batangas

If your balikbayan are dating or married to a foreigner and they are with them. It is always best to bring our guest to 3 special places. One would be Luneta, I just revisited it recently during the Chinese New Year. And it made me super happy. The fountains are great. They have a light show during the night which is very spectacular with the fireworks to cap the night. Your guest can stroll from Taft Avenue to the Quirino Grandstand. This is a definitely a must. Two, Boracay or Palawan is also part of the must. The Island of the Philippines is a gateway of awesome beaches and great

Revisiting Manila can be hard. Our lifestyle now is different from what our folks used to have. Treating your guest is tough as well. You have to squeeze in all the best spots depending on their taste in one or two weeks time. However the best way to experience the real deal to any travel is to think like a local. Experiencing what the locals do, where do they go, and why do they love their place. I have revisited Manila in countless times. And I wanna visit it again in the future.

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Photography Background

Filipina Wanderer, wanted to repost everything that was on my bucket. Maybe make this blog as an external memory/ online flashdisk LOL. (We will see)

Lets start with my Photography. I started the love for arts at a very young age. Coming from a family of architects, I’ve been opened to creativity at its finest. Sketching and Free Hand drawing became a hobby back in gradeschool, then I shifted to painting. I wanted to paint things according to my eyes, I used oil, charcoal and watercolor. Then at age 11, I enrolled myself (yes I paid for it) at Magsaysay School for Photography. Being the youngest in the group is an advantage, they let me experience the craft more, more lab time means more experience for me. At that point our lessons where more on exposures, polaroids and how to print your own pictures, which I find as my edge to other photographers.

Since technology is so fast, from manual slr’s to digital cameras to digital slr’s. Starting young is a good thing, the only regret I am having is that I didn’t keep the proofs and most of the roll films are easy to be

I will look for my old camera and will be posting it here. (excited)

“PeakTramPsyched” Shot from Peak Tram, Hongkong. I edited this using Photoshop and Psychopaint. (I usually use different softwares, Photoshop and I have a love and hate affair). This is the photo for this site’s background.  Originally I created this for my CTCHIQ’s poster. I really loved how this picture turn into art in my own little way.

You may check for my tumblr for my previous post. I usually post all of my fresh edits/ shots there. I will reblogg most of my shots since I am in the process of transferring my blogs into one 🙂


“Tagaytay Escape” 

Tagaytay Royale Estate

“Boracay Chill”


“Smile Sisters”

Pamplona, Cagayan Valley

“Nocturnal Plane”

“Clouds Light”

“Busted Bowling”

Filinvest Festival Mall Bowling

“Hello Turtle”

Calatagan, Batangas

“Bicycle Beach”

Ronco, Calatagan, Batangas

“Blue Sky Kiss”

“Parrot Alabang”

Fernbrooks, Alabang

“Hello Dirty Boracay”

“Beach Traps”


“Boracay Bound”

This post was originally drafted since 9132011. It took almost a year to publish. But hey,  No one is complaining. I hope to publish all of my drafts as soon as possible. I am looking forward to hear for your comments and creative inputs. I was partially restarting my love for photography when I took this shots. According to my file this photographs are from May2010.

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FTW – For the Win – Magazine

FTW – For the Win – Magazine

A few months ago, a friend gave a very good idea of making our own magazine, wherein we can conceptualize from a to z. The creative in me went on raging with inspirations from fashion, women, technology, thus, me gaving the name “FTW”. I may not be able to help through the real production of the magazine because I was not aware they were already making the plans and execution but luckily the people behind it gave the right push. Im still grateful that I have a bits and pits from the editorial board. Thank you for having my name on it.

FTW Card Front

Suprisingly, I was given the opportunity to design the FTW card. It originated as the Reebok Discount card, but it ended as the FTW card. From numerous designs, hours of conceptualizing and horrible blank moments of waiting whether the ups like it or not. Here comes the finish product. The FTW card is a discount card powered by Reebok (20% discount on all Reebok items), free trials from Curves Philippines and Planaforma.

FTW Card Back

I actually don’t have a copy of it, sadly. But the memories for this magazine made me realize a lot of things. First, believe in your creativity but never share it unless you can put it on a canvass and you can start owning it. Second, women are hormonal and sometimes we act based on our hormones. Lastly, as I always say, I believe in goodness, everybody has it. They may be delusional sometimes and make you feel worse but if you believe in karma, good things will happen to you as long as you’ve been good to them.

Just me saying – CT

**check out the original post at: http://thescorpion.tumblr.com/post/11060554965/ftw-for-the-win-magazine-a-few-months-ago-a

[Promo] Win a brand new BMW in Araneta Center

The rush is on as Araneta Center’s Bright, Magical, Wonderful car promo is on its final lap and a brand new BMW car is still up for grabs.

The rush is on as Araneta Center’s Bright, Magical, Wonderful car promo is on its final lap and a brand new BMW car is still up for grabs.

For every P1,000 single purchase receipt from any Araneta Center establishment (Gateway Mall, Gateway Tower Mall, Ali Mall, New Farmers Plaza, Farmers Market, Coliseum Circle restaurants, Telus Arcade, Cyberpark I, Shopwise Arcade restaurants, Araneta Center Bus Station, Araneta Center Bus Port, and Manhattan Parkway, Parkview and Heights Arcade) or single or accumulated receipt amounting to P1,000 worth of any Petron products, a shopper is entitled to join the Bright, Magical, Wonderful car promo and get a chance to win a brand new BMW 118i M sport model car.

Four more lucky shoppers will also win P10,000 worth of shopping spree. Six shopping sprees were already given away in draws last December and January.

The grand draw is set on February 5.


Shoppers may redeem their raffle stubs at the Gateway Food Express in the Gateway Mall, the Food Plaza in New Farmers Plaza and the concierge areas of the Gateway Mall, Ali Mall and New Farmers Plaza.

So what are you waiting for? Step up on the pedal, the green light is still on for you to get the chance to win these amazing prizes only from Araneta Center!

For more details, visit aranetacenter.net and Araneta Center’s Facebook page.


Gateway Gallery presents the second exhibit for the year 2018: Vestigium, Scriptorium, the fourth solo exhibit of Geronimo Cristobal. In his latest exhibit, Cristobal presents new works of 8 paintings and 12 drawings that truly reflect the era of modernity. His “unprogrammed free abstraction” summarizes a compositional aesthetic that speaks of a weightless gesture and liberating brushstroke on a large format canvas.


Geronimo Cristobal, who majored in Creative Writing and took art history courses in the
University of the Philippines chose the sensuality of the paint medium and melds it with the cold rationality of conceptual art. His training in Berlin’s Universitat der Kunste has helped him navigate the issues and challenges of abstraction. His more subdued works of contemplation and action are more than layers of paint – they are akin to psychological cleansing.

Cristobal’s Vestigium (Latin for “footprint” or “marks”) showcases his method of sanding and scraping; the joy and challenge of uncovering hidden signs and messages in his works – in his mostly noir color palette – will intrigue the viewer. His Scriptorium, the room for writing by medieval monks in monasteries, refers to his belief that writing and painting have the same origins. It also evokes Cristobal’s social role as a writer, documentarian and messenger; and his visual works as medium of information and knowledge. The writing role parallels that of his work as a visual artist, as someone who transfers his knowledge, values and convictions through the visual form.

Unfolded Constancio Bernardo oil and acrylic on canvas 60 x 48 inches 2017.jpg

New Manila  oil and acrylic on canvas 60 x 48 inches 2017.jpg

Vestigium, Scriptorium will have its Artist’s Reception open on January 26, 6 pm at Gateway Gallery. The exhibit will be open to the public from January 27 to February 2, 2018.


Rosa Luxemburg Straße oil and acrylic on canvas 60 x 48 in 2018.jpg
Gateway Gallery is the art museum of Araneta Center. It is open from Monday to Sunday, 10 am to 7 pm. It is located at the 5F of Gateway Tower, Araneta Center, Quezon City.

For more information or press inquiry or media coverage, please contact Gateway Gallery at gatewaygallery@aranetagroup.com, Facebook or 588-4000 local 8300.

The artist can be contacted at www.geronimocristobal.com and at geronimocristobaljr@gmail.com

Etihad Airways Round the World Record Attempt

Abu Dhabi, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – Senior Etihad Airways executive, Andrew Fisher, embarks on a journey of a lifetime on 21 January when he attempts to break the world record by flying around the globe in the shortest time frame on scheduled flights, and with the fewest number of sectors.
Fisher, who works as the airline’s Vice President Fleet Planning, hopes to shave three hours off the current record of over 55 hours by completing the journey in only four sectors.  

Andrew Fisher 1
Etihad Airways senior executive, Andrew Fisher, jets off from Abu Dhabi International Airport to Shanghai ahead of his round the world record-breaking attempt.

His flight path begins in the early hours of Sunday morning in Shanghai, taking him to
Auckland, Buenos Aires and Amsterdam before returning to the Chinese city in the early
hours of Tuesday morning, 23 January.

“It’s about time the job was done”

A self-proclaimed ‘aviation geek’ with a love of studying airline networks and schedules, Abu Dhabi-based Andrew is well placed to chart his journey and fulfill a dream he has been keen to attempt for over 20 years.

Andrew Fisher 2
Etihad Airways senior executive, Andrew Fisher, jets off from Abu Dhabi International Airport to Shanghai ahead of his round the world record-breaking attempt.

“It’s about time the job was done,” he said. “The planning has taken a long time, essentially to ensure the flight timings, routings and transits are kept as tight as possible and there is only a short window of opportunity for this to happen.”
The progress of Andrew’s record-breaking attempt can be followed on Twitter at @AndrewFisherNZ


Suite Retreat this Valentines

Celebrate the season of hearts at Makati Diamond Residences. Stay at a 64sqm One Bedroom Suite for ₱8,500 net per night or at 41sqm Studio for ₱6,500 net per night. Both room packages include breakfast for two, complimentary mini bar, complimentary Wi-Fi and local city calls. Access the health club amenities, including the 24-hour gym, daily TRX classes at the TRX studio, and an indoor lap pool. Make your stay even more memorable by booking an in-room Swedish massage for 2 for an additional ₱3,000.


Get the privilege of a 20% discount on the Valentine’s Day Buffet at Alfred.
The Suite Retreat room package is available from February 1 to 28, 2018.

This offer is exclusive to local residents and foreigners with ACR I-Card certification. Book your stay today and call (02) 317-0999 or email reservations@makatidiamond.com.

The Wellness Center also offers a Couple’s Massage package for Valentine’s season.

Visit www.makatidiamond.com for complete details and other hotel offers.

One-day fair brings the best higher education institutions from Europe to Manila

Study in EU now!

Have you always dreamt of pursuing higher education abroad? Now is the time to embark on a journey of a lifetime – travelling around an learning from the best European universities at the European Higher Education Fair (EHEF) 2017.

EHEF will be held on October 18, 2017 at the Grand Atrium of Shangri-La Plaza in Mandaluyong, and will feature more than 20 higher education institutions from Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Spain, and Sweden and United Kingdom.

The fair is organized by the Delegation of the European Union to the Philippines together with the EU Member States’ Embassies and Cultural Institutions in collaboration with the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

“Education has always been and will remain a top priority for Filipinos. Many have found that the higher education institutions in the European Union offer opportunities beyond comparison,” said EU Ambassador Franz Jessen. “With this year’s theme being ‘Sustaining Innovation and Excellence,’ EHEF 2017 aims to showcase both innovation in teaching and learning techniques and curriculum par excellence of participating higher education institutions to a growing number of prospective Filipino students.”

EHEF Philippines

Why Study in EU?
As a center of excellence in education, obtaining an EU post graduate degree opens up various opportunities. It gives one an edge in the corporate world and immediately taps into a network of international professionals.

Pursuing a higher degree in EU is an amazing experience. It allows one to establish intercultural contacts, gain invaluable insights into a new culture, learn a new language, and grow as a person.

“Education should not be restricted within the four walls of the classroom. There is an opportunity for one to learn everyday, why not bring it up a notch up and pursue higher education in EU?” said Ambassador Jessen. “Through EHEF, we want to encourage all Filipino students, teachers, members of the academe to grab this opportunity and experience diversified and excellent post-graduate and doctorate degree programs from top-notch EU universities.”

During the fair, participants and prospective applicants will have the chance to learn more about the EU education system and way of life through a series of lectures and talks, and will also have the opportunity to talk with EU alumni volunteers present during the event.

Erasmus+ Programme at 30
This year also marks the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Erasmus+ Program, an EU-funded program which gives support to education, training, youth, and sports in Europe. Ambassador Jessen shared that this year, 37 Filipinos were granted Erasmus scholarships and are now pursuing their Masters and PHD degrees in Europe.

This year’s EHEF is supported by venue partner, Shangri-La Plaza. Admission to the fair is free, but registration is encouraged. Participants can pre-register online via www.ehef-philippines.com or walk-in during the event day. For more information visit @EHEFPhilippines on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Jing Monis Salon at Bellevue Hotel Alabang: Two Toned Soft Long Layered Goddess Hair Makeover

Jing Monis Salon at Bellevue Hotel Alabang: Two Toned Soft Long Layered Goddess Hair Makeover: 

Early this month, I am getting frustrated with how dull and lifeless my hair was. In my frustration, I took the scissor and began cutting 5 inches of my hair. It was a relief and a celebratory of freedom. Women normally do crazy things with their hair when they are heartbroken, I am one (haha).

I am an avid fan of hair treatments and hair color. Lately, my trips to the salon are getting frequent. I used to have my hair rebonded and now I hated it. I switched on getting hair color since the gray ones are showing up. Keratin treatment and highlights were added on my list, to fix the cure.

Before the Goddess Look


My previous hair was hips long, it can touch my butt cheeks already. I had some highlights with 3 layers of root coloring since I do retouches every 2 months. The roots are totally damaged.

Forgive me for my duck face 🙂

Getting There

As a Metro South resident, Bellevue Hotel is very accessible to my area. Since I don’t commute, I can share my drive going to the area. I took the Alabang Zapote route, it took me a good 30 minutes on a Tuesday afternoon. Usually traffic in the late afternoon, I recommend set your appointment in the morning or early afternoon.


Parking was awesome. I first tried the open space parking beside the hotel however due to popularity there was no space. I made a full U-turn and parked my car in the basement. For 5 hours of salon indulgence, my bill was P60. Not bad for a hotel rate.





The Goddess Look

Having a very dry and lifeless hair, Stylist Mandy gave me a heart to heart talk. He gave me options and considerations to achieve a styled crown.

Mandy took his skills by cutting 5 inches of my dry hair (that’s a total of 10 inches since I cut it this month). He turned my unruly hair into a soft layered shoulder length hair. It turned out beautiful. My current hair condition at the time looks gorgeous, I feel like I may not need extra color or treatment.

Jing Monis Hair Color Process.jpg

To my delight, Mandy introduced me to balayage. We decided to have a reverse ombre look using the balayage technique. Coloring the hair starting from the crown with a lighter shade and followed the rest of the hair with a darker shade. Carlo my colorist used Wella Hair to achieve the goddess look.

Balayage is a technique for highlighting the hair in which the dye is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect.



Unfortunately, I have been live blogging using Instagram stories for the entire process of my hairmakeover yet weirdly it did not allow me to save the videos. Moving forward I prompted to save automatically. I am adding photos from Mandy and Jing Monis Salon Fb Accounts, thank you for featuring my look. Credits to you guys.



The service and the experience was great. They even provide food and beverage to keep you hydrated and nourished.


100% recommendation: to consult a stylist first during your appointment. They can give you wonders and refreshing outcomes. Research is the key. If you have a style you may want to try, show it to your stylist and discussed what is best for you. Customizing your look is always great than copying a look that wont look good on you.

You may visit Jing Monis Salon at 3rd Floor Bellevue Hotel. Set an appointment to get your goddess hair just like mine.

Add them on Facebook and Instagram too.

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar: Travelling back in time

Filipina Wanderer travelled to Bataan with my artsy travel friends. In 7 hours, we travelled back in time, as we entered the cobblestones path to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar.

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar Travelling back in time

We travelled for 7 hours. Battling from the friday sweldo traffic of Metro Manila. Coming from the South of the Metro is also a big deal. The trip from skyway (to Makati to NLEX) and the help of google helped a lot (SCTEX was close at that time due to some road work). If your planning to go to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar get your GPS ready and have a google map printed out. It is best to follow the roads religiously because theres a number of sharp curves on its way there.

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar 2

Las Casas Fillipinas de Acuzar is heritage park open for the public.  The resort’s theme is “Pride in the past, hope for the future“.

It naturally feels like travelling back in time. All we really miss is wearing a filipiniana while holding either an umbrella and fan as we walk around the entire Las Casas.

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar Beach


Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar Hotel
Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar Selfie


Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar


Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar


EMEX, The Electronic MusiCon and Expo

The Philippines’ annual electronic music convention, the Electronic MusiCon and Expo, comes back to SMX Convention Center in SM Aura at BGC, Taguig from June 19-21 this year. Popularly known as EMEX, it is the event every electronic music enthusiast looks forward to because of its creative lineup of educational talks, gear exhibits, and acclaimed speakers and panelists from the local and international electronic music scene.



Last year, a broad range of industry topics were covered from essential production tips on music software, skill discussions for DJs, sound engineering workshops, new product demos, and debates on industry issues, all made even more interesting with live performances and showcases in between. Spotlight was shed on key figures such as the Natural Born Klubbers, ToneDef Music artists, and indie dance music record labels. Interesting issues such as The Art Of The Opening DJ, Serato versus Traktor, commercial music vs underground music, The LGBT DJ Community, and software syncing were tackled. Workshops on vocal processing, beat programming, composition and software use were also offered. Pioneer DJ, one of the country’s biggest DJ brands celebrated their 20th year anniversary by launching a new line of DJ products that includes their DJ turntable, the PLX-1000, and the groundbreaking KUVO software. Headphones by Audio Technica were also made available for demonstration as well as products from The Music Source such as Traktor, Native Instruments, and many more.



This year a couple of EMEX staples return along with even more new offerings for enthusiasts. Talks on Ableton Live make a comeback this year, which will be hosted by Bounce Electronic Music & DJ School as they bring in from Hong Kong, Ableton Certified trainer, Ryan Ash. Izotope Inc, is set to provide product workshops under Evan Allen, Izotope’s very own product specialist. Certified Logic Pro X professional, Josh Evangelista will also demonstrate how to produce dance music using Apple’s popular software, Logic Pro X. A couple of new entries to the list are the keyboard masterclass clinic with Eric Tubon, Dan Gil, and the Bratpack’s RJ Pineda.  Recurring industry interests such as Night Club Marketing and Local Festivals are shared once more aside from new issues such as The Loudness Wars, and DJ Rates and Foreign Equities. Spotlight is given to some significant artists in the scene such as CRWN, Eyedress, Similar Objects, Kidwolf, and BP Valenzuela. The country’s popular DJs such as Sanya Smith, Tom Taus, Nix Pernia, Marc Naval, Callum David, Mia Ayesa, Kat De Jesus, Arra Pascual, Cam Abecina and Nina Saputil share some talk time with the audience as well. Special events this year will include the IK Multimedia brand launch from Forerunner Tech,  JB Music’s Allen & Heath DJ mixers and Numark’s line of DJ Controllers, Ableton Push by JB Music, Presonus’ latest control surface, the CS18AI, Pioneer DJ’s newest DJ controller, the XDJ-RX, Audio Technica’s M50x. Philips DJ Headphones by Philips, Behringer X-Air Mixers by Intune Pro, and Native Instruments’ latest controller, the Traktor D2, among more exciting brands and products. TDK, Panvin International, Focal Professional, Marshall by Digits Trading Corporation, Wester Digital, Soundmagic by XOTI, and DJ Mag Asean complete the full lineup.

Whether you’re a hobbyist or professional, amateur or master, it is the one event no electronic music enthusiast will want to miss. The entire industry convenes under one roof to share a common passion and interest, together building a better foundation for it’s future.

A date to Remember this Valentines 2015

Every Romeo is looking for a Juliet. And every Juliet wants to feel love and pampered.

You might probably be watching 50 Shades of Grey where your Christian will do the spanking in your inner Anna. Your fantasy can run wild, be sure to keep your hands where it should belong. Better yet you should experience Valentines in VC.


You might want to celebrate the Valentines weekend, here is the best place to stay.


Victoria Court is offering a special package that will fit into your budget. For as low as Php 2,299 you will  get a 12 hours stay in any deluxe room, a set meal for 2 and a choicw bet a couple ahirt or a  wine as a gift. You may also opt to get a suite room for Php 2,999.


For romantic reservations, pls call 09179810084

A date to Remember this Valentines 2015

The truth about the other Girl

Love is blind. Love is bearable. Love is kind. Love is a source of fantasy. Love bears ecstacy. Love conditions your mind. Love begets all sins. Love is risky. Love is always frisky. Love trust the anger and pain. Love forgives the temptous crave.


You may have met her, seen or even taste her. She is delectably sweet. Her essence pumps your muscles as you enjoy the all nighter. Her smile brightens the room. You rest your worries as you talk about your life. She listens and comforts you. She deals your heartbreak with a kiss and more.

Your girlfriend hates her. She perceives a bitch in disgrace. She doesnt have the morals to break a relationship. She is always someone else sweetheart. Despite of all the troubles. Society hates the woman who is genuine with her emotions. People perceive her as a slut. She never retaliates. She just continue with her life with a new man entowed.

She is Eve. A woman who have been hurt. Cried a thousand times and then have learned that expectations only hurts you twice more. Eve have learned that her issues are nothing compared to her lovers woes. She is brave enough not to get hurt. She love that she is being love even if its just lust involved.

You have been there before. After a long term relationship, after ending it. You met your past lover. The feeling is mutual. Issues are just well complicated. You savor each other like you have had before. It is a known fact that you are both sexually compatible. Every thrust feels great. It makes you a good man. Things have been changed though.

Eve is no longer jealous. She have cried a river for all the jealousy she had partaked. She surrenders herself, knowing that even if she only gets the sex, she is still getting something. You forgot to kiss her. Youve meet her a couple of times yet you never kiss her. She remembers how you have dealt with your woman. She is one of them now. That other girl. The one who will never be official. She is stronger now yet her addiction to your skin is still in her head. She continues to be that other girl. She refuse to listen when your woman calls you. She can hear you smile and feel the love you are expressing. She use to be that girl. But she cant be that person anymore.

Finding a strange personality, she continues to be the brave and sexy. She met another you. Since she was not ready to be in a real relationship she opens her windows and let the man have her. It was exciting. She forgets how heartbroken she was. She was honest and says what limitations she can only afford.

The truth about the other girl

FengShui Paint How to attract Prosperity, Health and Harmony this 2015

Chinese New Year is coming and people look forward to a  fresh new beginning. Everyone’s optimistic about the year ahead and can’t wait to start the year with positive changes like New Year’s resolutions, bucketlists, and even home renovations. In the Philippines, home design and renovations are now done by an increasing number of Filipinos that adapt a Chinese tradition of attracting positivity through the arrangement of one’s home – Feng Shui.


As Angi Ma Wong defines it in ‘Feng Shui Dos & TABOOs,’ literally translated as “wind-water,” Feng Shui is the art of placement and is one of the five components of a person’s destiny. Part of this practice is the proper choice of colors to surround you, to effectively enhance the flow of positive energy in both home and business environment.

This concept inspired the birth of FENG SHUI PAINT. Designed as an indoor wall paint, Feng Shui Paint is made up of colors carefully chosen to suit a person’s lucky color based on their Chinese zodiac sign.

Prescribed by the well-known Feng Shui expert Mr. Johnson Chua, Feng Shui Paint is made to help attract three general life aspects: prosperity, health, and harmony.

Feng Shui Paint 2015 Lucky Color Chart


Now, there’s a new way to help attract good fortune. Paint some luck into your life with Feng Shui Paint.

For color chart, pre-orders, and other inquiries, you may call 0919-466-3338 or send an email at fengshuipaint@gmail.com.

For more updates, you may visit facebook at http://www.facebook.com/FengShuiPaint

Filipina Wanderer  : FengShui Paint How to attract Prosperity, Health and Harmony this 2015

Sandstorm Electronic Experience

Filipina Wanderer is excited for the upcoming Sandstorm Electronic Experience. As one of our favorite music producers, Evo Evolver, will be playing for the crowd too. Check out the details down below. May this help us upgrade our taste in electronic music and our hype for partying. FW


On November 21st, The Philippines will bring forth a festival that will fuse its biggest talents in one massive celebration of sound – the Sandstorm Electronic Experience, produced as a collaboration between So Familiar Productions, The Wildfire Productions and Trance Till Dawn.  The event aims to make a staple when it comes to the music festival in Southeast Asia as well as  to make the Philippines, the next music destination.

The festival will be a 3 day event at 3 stages and over 50 of the country’s greatest performers from Metro Manila, Cebu, Bacolod  and Davao are representing every group from the city’s forward-thinking best scene producers, the enigmatic underground techno enthusiasts, the soulful house music lovers, the iconic bass music elite, to every hard hitter of the country’s biggest clubs and more. It’s about time that the country will have a festival  that pays homage to local electronic artists. A tribute to music and dominated by homegrown performers, in an absolutely breathtaking location by the sand and the water just south of the metro.


Sandstorm’s official venue is the Southcrest Beach Resort. A 15 hectare of a scenic land near the beach in San Juan, Batangas. San Juan, Batangas is 116KM from Manila, known for the wide variety of Eco-Tourism activities like hiking and swimming on the emerald green sea. San Juan, Batangas is indeed the right place for the event. They also collect P20 for the tourism fee to keep San Juan the cleanest and greenest place you’ll stay. Each of the venue’s themed stages will give the audience a different sound and atmosphere, taking them on a thrilling adventure through different and wildly imaginative realms. The events, major transportation sponsor DLTB bus line will be shuttling guests from Manila – Batangas -Manila (The transport schedule is posted below).  Tickets are sold from P7,000 for VIP and P4,500 for General Admission.

Some of the industry’s biggest names embellish the lineup. Huge icons such as Deuce Manila, Motherbass, Red-I, Pav Parotte, Funk Avy, Martin Pulgar, Similar Objects, The Zombettes, John Odin, and Mecha have been revealed to be performing for the festival. Joining the list are international artists: Darude, Heatbeat and Deficio.

So better pack a lot of your swimming gear and party adrenaline as this will be a 3 day event of music and party. As we celebrate our own music with our full grown talents, plus invited international artists.

See you there and let’s party harder!

Please also like us on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/SandstormPH

Lee Cooper Philippines opens in Market!Market!

The Fine British Denim Jeans brand finally opens the very 1st store in the Philippines


Lee Cooper London, a British Denim and Apparel brand which was founded by Morris Cooper in 1908, in Stratford, East London is the first jeans company in Europe. From ‘work wear’ and ‘military wear’ to ‘must wear’, the brand continues to develop an international following, continually innovating fashion product designs and pioneering in music, from its UK headquarters.
And now from London to the Philippines, Lee Cooper is finally taking up its 1st store at the Market!Market!, Taguig City. Officially opened on September 23, 2014, the occasion started with a store blessing and was attended by Lee Cooper Philippines executives, Lee Cooper Philippines previous international brand ambassadors, fashion bloggers and the press society. Guests and store-goers had the opportunity to travel to London through the UK inspired booth that was designed with iconic structures of the bricked wall, a miniature London Tower, a red telephone booth proto-type, and the most prominent British symbol Big Ben.



The Fine British Denim Jeans brand displays a one of a kind British inspired tops and bottoms collection. You can also find the awesome collections of accessories from bags, eyewear, belts and caps at very reasonable prices.
Coincidentally, their new settlement touches down with the launch of their British Indigo collection. Indigo fabrics form the backbone of the collection from the rugged and raw dark-denim to the softer and blurred indigo piece. Centering on the all-overs tweak seasonal carpenter pants and vests, the denim-finishes from clean and sharp to shaded worn-in, giving the collection a uniquely sophisticated rugged look.
The store, located at the Ground Floor, New Wing, is a standout with its iconic British design of the red telephone boxes, Mini Cooper toys, electric musical instruments and an ambient music from different British music icons bringing in denim lovers in trance as they storm through the streets of East London.  The Lee Cooper store will be open seven days a week.





For more information, please visit http://www.leecooper-philippines.com.

Like them on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/leecooperPH, and follow them on Instagram: @leecooperph, and Twitter: @LeeCooperPH.

LiveWellLeaveWell Aeternum Garden in Taguig

Everybody deserves a good life. We all deserve happiness and contentment but what happens when we leave the world? If we have live a good life, dont we deserve to leave well?

Aeternum is a Latin word which means Eternity. Located at the heart of Heritage Park Area 2 of Fort Bonifacio Taguig City, Aeternum Garden boasts its grandiose and inviting facilities such lush greenery, manmade lagoon and waterfalls, the viewing chapel where funeral services take place and the peaceful columbarium.


Jan Vincent Mercado, President of The Fort Park Estate Inc. who introduced the country’s first True Garden Columbary, “Aeternum”: The Park Estate Columbary discussed how they stumble upon the idea of putting up Aeternum Garden. He and his family received an offer before from the local city government to buy the property which then was just a piece of land. It was bought, developed and now became the country’s first true garden columbary. “Living the life you want is very important but you need to live it well without harming other people.” This is one of the inspiring lines from Vincent Mercado which people need to live by.

 #LiveWellLeaveWell is the theme of the night where guests are encouraged to share something that they could not forget about their departed loved ones. Online media and VIP guests willingly participated in the “mini-sharing”.

Chapel. Aeternum Garden has a viewing chapel inside the 5-hectare land of The Fort Park Estate Inc. Families, friends and other relatives may reminisce the happy memories they had with their loved ones inside the chapel peacefully and scenic praying areas of the park. The serenity inside and outside the chapel and the themed buildings will make you feel at ease for your treasured ones.

Cremation. Back to the pre-historic times, people from Rome, Italy called Etruscans give honour to their loved ones by cremating them believing that fire would purify their loved ones for eternity. After the cremation service, the matriarch of the family would gather the ashes of her loved one and place them in an urn and was kept in a sacred place – the columbarium.

Columbarium. Aeternum Garden which is a unique and floral-inspired structure symbolizes the love of the family to the departed ones. The garden setting is a sanctuary of memories and a haven of comfort for those who were left behind. At night, you will an amazing view of the columbarium as the lighting is randomly changing its colors. Classy. Flexible. Grandiose. Majestic. Serene. These are the words to describe Aeternum Garden. If you are wondering if the rates are too expensive, need not to worry as Aeternum offers its clients flexible payment options.



We all deserve a place on Earth like heaven. You live well. You leave well.

Please contact Aeternum Garden for more detail on your queries.

Aeternum Garden Columbary Park
C5 corner Bayani Road Heritage Park Area 2 Taguig
Tel: (02) 401 1303

Website: http://www.aeternumcolumbary.com/
Facebook : Aeternum Columbary
Twitter: @AeternumGarden
Instagram: @AeternumGarden

Lee Cooper Philippines

Lee Cooper Philippines If you have been walking across the Metro, I am pretty sure you have seen their ads everywhere. It is indeed a fine British Denim Brand. I am honored to witness and participate the British Council Festival last March. This was a two day event happened in the High Street at the the Fort Taguig City.

Receiving a message from our good friends from AQAdvertising. Me and some bloggers enjoyed the night filled with music and style with Ms. Kat Alano as the master of events. The night started with a fashion show featuring the new collection from Lee Cooper Philippines. We got serenaded and the night was capped off by the DJ. We even got forms for academic sponsorship from the University of Kent. Fingers cross 🙂

The culture of the brits may have inspired ours in a way. We love the council and the festival. I cannot wait for next year’s festival. I do hope to see more familiar faces as we celebrate a weekend of culture and entertainment.


lee cooper five lee cooper four lee cooper one lee cooper three lee cooper two When it comes to styling and designing clothes, British Fashion has always been one of the inspirations of the Filipinos. And Lee Cooper, the foremost European brand in denim which made its way to Manila on August 2012 has rocked and rolled the Philippine fashion industry with their sophisticated, stylish and exciting designs. Since this iconic brand from London is driven by their GREAT passion for denim, it is only fitting to make them the GREAT Sponsor for the GREAT British Festival

Lee Cooper took GREAT participation in the five-month GREAT Britain campaign through their series of clothing exhibits with their top collections in different malls that kicked off at SM Aura on February 10, where British Ambassador to the Philippines, H.E. Asif Anwar Ahmad formally opened to the public the GREAT British Fashion collection. The series of Lee Cooper exhibition took place at the Intercontinental Hotel on February 13,  Mall of Asia (February 19-23), SM Megamall (February 26 – March 2), and SM North EDSA (March 5 – 9). Coupons worth PHP 100 off in every PHP 1,000 item purchased were also given to the booth visitors.

And just in time for summer, Lee Cooper has released its new summer collection that has taken in the hues of the festive and colourful vibes of the Brighton festivals. Brighton is a charming city and a famous seaside resort on the south coast of England. The British Carnival inspired denims and tops that were flaunted on the runway were of grunge marine feel fused with preppy edge incorporated with Brighton backdrop and Lee Cooper heritage.

We love the Lee Cooper Collection. See for yourself.


lee cooper urban chino 1 lee cooper urban chino 2 lee cooper urban chino 3


lee cooper rigid denim four lee cooper rigid denim three

lee cooper rigid denim one lee cooper rigid denim two


lee cooper midnight denim one lee cooper midnight denim three lee cooper midnight denim two


lee cooper selvedge one lee cooper selvedge two

Lee Cooper is available at SM North EDSA, SM Megamall, SM Makati, SM Mall of Asia, SM Fairview, SM Pampanga, Robinson’s Magnolia, Gaisano Metro Alabang.

For more Lee Cooper Philippines deets and news:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leecooperPH

website: http://leecooper-philippines.com/

Lee Cooper Philippines

How I Met Your Mother slash self waiting game over


Kids, remember almost a decade ago and we started to watch how i met your mother. I was 20 then. Young and romantic. Somehow the elusive feeling of love overtakes me and started loving the show up until the finale.


You would hear spoilers
everywhere of what should have happened or not. Yet by the end of this great era for television. I could say himym touch my heart to the fullest.

We all know that the title himym is not approriate. Like the old good ones, friends, beverlyhills 90210 or even melrose place  and sex and the city. It was a story of frienship, love, trust, lust and faith. All begets and hurts us since we can relate and compare notes to whats going on to our daily lives.

LEGEN…. wait for it… DARY

As barney always say.. “legen… wait for it…. dary”, the show captivates us by waiting. Waiting for the perfect timing. We can actually have everything that we wish for but we have to wait for it. For us to value what we have we have to earn it. Despite  the focus of the show which is ted. We fell inlove with the rest of the gang. I commend the writers for being able tp create twist and turns to every characters and build them up to an amazing friend.

Comparing my own frienship to Teds

My friends and i have been hanging out for more than 15 years and counting. We usually find our own Mclarens, our fave drink which is jack or even have more time spending with each other than with our partners or family. To us, himym voices out our individuality somehow somewhere. To my friends, thank you. We may find the realm of life in the next few years but i am happy and honored that true friendship can also be found in real life not only in a tube.

The Robin in me

What attracts me most is the characters evolving himym. I always take those quizzes that ranks your personality to which HIMYM character are you. I have always feel i am robin. Smart, sexy and hungry for adventure. I have related a lot to her in my entire. If you are still reading my blog. Then i have a secret to tell. Me and robin shares one thing. We are both scared and dont want to have kids. This is why i was crying out loud when the show ended. I have love robin the most since i can relate. How it is cruel to live in a mans world. She deserves the career that she gets but why was she deluded with false love. I know barney loves her greatly but it seems like a love you bestow on great friends. You protect them and care for them but its just not right to think it is love. A player is always a player. How can she be blinded with barney when she knows for a fact she is inlove with ted all along. Yet i appreciate barney for loving robin. For him trying to change to a mature man. From a psycho womanizer to a loving jealous husband back to womanizing. Then boom. He found the love. He was not wanting love romantically. He found love from his daughter. Love is really twisted. Our definition of love is somehow different to other love. The main reason why i cant hate barney. Bec he tried to love, he might be scared of it but he tried, he took chances.

It saddens me. It gives me a pain. It is heartbreaking. You followed the show for almost 10 years and then you see your self in her shoes. One thing i have learned. Its still a man’s world out there. Regardless how strong and feminist that we are. Men still has the last say whether they will be committed to you or not. And they also decide when they will love you back.

The perfect woman

Robin is not selfish. For the haters please move on. I see Robin in a modern kind of light. Tracy is sweet and perfect, the kind of woman you would want to marry, which Ted did. However in reality, women nowadays are empowered. They know what they want. They can have their orgasm if they want to. Women are bitchy nowadays. Seriously. If theres a perfect woman like Tracy everywhere then Ted would not have a hard time waiting for 9 years or more. Since he patiently waited, please give the guy a credit. Tracy is his love although she died, they still manage to become a family for 14 years right? He even waited for 6 years before he had the talk with his children about Robin. Commending Ted with such pride because unlike any other man he was man enough to be responsible and wait for the right timing. And yeah. Ted is a fictional character. Darnit!

HIMYM finale

I know i sound like a puppy. But i love himym. I wanna thank the writers, researchers and everyone from their cast and crew. I do not hate you for the ending i actually appreciate how true it was. Life is unfair. Life is real. The finale gives me a feeling that life is great we should move on and head to a great future.

Platonic Love

When you get hurt you dont play someone else heart and screw everything just bec you were hurt. You find ur peace and reconcile yourself.

Why do we relate like the character?

Ted mosby


You believe in true love. You are too romantic you are willing to let go. Let go of the love you earned and wanted.



You act like a guy. You think like a guy. You dont like kids but you love to have someone to love you.



You enjoy sex. You love the attention. Your friends are more important than your girls. You aim to become the best version of yourself regardless if its legal or not. Yet you are man enough to fall inlove and become a person you wouldnt think of.



You are crazy. You cant keep secrets. But ur heart is genuine. You love your friends. You are everybodys bestfriend. They love you like crazy. They depend on you for matters that are impossible because you are a great friend.



You are one of a million. You focus on what is right. You are the reason why women fantasizes about romance. You are not perfect but you try to please and respect your woman even if shes a bitch and moody.

Himym. Thank you. Whatever character you choose it was all worth it.


How I Met Your Mother slash self waiting game over

BDJ box March 2014 Loot

Filipina wanderer is excited to announce that the contents of this month BDJ box is no other than Benefit.


As a teenager I always have been amaze with color and fashion. My friends who gets stuff from the states introduce me to the world of benefit.

Benefit is known for their product benetint. Its a red like liquid who acts as your lip and cheek tint. It was such a craze back in high school for it was exclusively distributed in the states. For girls like me, i need to do my shopping by asking a friend who visits the US and lure them to buying me one.







BDJ box March 2014 Loot

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