Event Management

Do You Need a Coordinator? We’re not going to tell you the answer to that because we can’t. Only you know if you need one or not. Will you be getting help from others around you, your mother, bridesmaids, fiancé, friends or will you have to do it all by yourself. Can you do itContinue reading “Event Management”


Im making a new blog (again) Tell me what you think??? Here’s my first entry: http://thescorpiontravels.blogspot.com/ I love travelling. I always wanted to start a blog however the quick turn of social media ravage my head instead I began to explore the internet to a deeper level that every time I googled my self. I see myContinue reading “http://thescorpiontravels.blogspot.com/”

FTW – For the Win – Magazine

FTW – For the Win – Magazine A few months ago, a friend gave a very good idea of making our own magazine, wherein we can conceptualize from a to z. The creative in me went on raging with inspirations from fashion, women, technology, thus, me gaving the name “FTW”. I may not be ableContinue reading “FTW – For the Win – Magazine”

Ch3r Photography 2010 (Youtube)

My photography back in 2010 🙂  Works posted on my photoblog and on my youtube channel. Music: When my guitar starts to weep. Connect with me: Filipina Wanderer Facebook Twitter Tumblr Pinterest Youtube Google + Related articles Photography Inspiration (joannes4thyearwork.wordpress.com) New York Institute of Photography Announces Spanish Language Partner in Latin America (prweb.com) Happy Camera Day:Continue reading “Ch3r Photography 2010 (Youtube)”

Miss Universe 2011 – live streaming video powered by Livestream

Miss Universe 2011 – live streaming video powered by Livestream. http://cdn.livestream.com/embed/MISSUNIVERSE?layout=4&height=340&width=560&autoplay=false Watch live streaming video from MISSUNIVERSE at livestream.com

Shamcey for Ms. Universe

I never really cared about the pageantry here in the Philippines. Although I may have worked with models and had experienced accompanying some talents during castings for pageantry’s, I didnt really care if they will win the crown or not. Seeing Shamcey for the first time, I was not struck. But since the marketing strategyContinue reading “Shamcey for Ms. Universe”


According to Wikipedia: Filipina The Filipino people are an ethnic group primarily located in the Philippines. There are about 92 million Filipinos in the Philippines, and about 11 million living outside the Philippines. Most Filipinos refer to themselves colloquially as “Pinoy” (feminine: “Pinay”), which is a slang word formed by taking the last four letters of “Pilipino” and adding the diminutive suffix “-y”. The lack of the letter “F” in the pre-1987Continue reading “Wanderer”